Sunday, January 31, 2010

Negotiation turn sour

Hilarious as it may look but some men considers knocking on their car a direct hit on their second wife. The boy, together with his friend, met an accident and exchange blows before they decide to report to the police.

It started during a busy and jammed rush hour along the highway and both labor cared nothing but their work after lunch.

But life is full of surprises, he and his mate never realize that accidents could bring out the worst in humans, because in front of him, is an angry Gen-2 owner.

And as a newbie in negotiation, he came out tough and provocative.

The old men, in his forties, gave him punishment for his mishap.

Grieving in pain, he hits back and a brawl started.

His companion and the angry old men's wife did little to stop the fight while on-goer vehicles slowed down to savor the dramatic scene.

The friend, a.k.a. movie director, instinctively took out his two megapixel video recording device and shot his friend in humiliation.

He chants in happiness during the fight and watch in fetish over is blood bath of both arrogant and childish men.

But soon enough the fight ended. Everything was recorded but for is worth, the old men has his daughter for comfort and the so called friend a.k.a. colleague, records the daughter like it was a sex scandal between his cousin and his neighbor.

Sad or stupid, one thing is for sure, I don't want a movie director as friend, I need a real friend.

Till Then,
No country for old men.

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  1. the gal with the old man is his wife but not his daughter.i saw from newspaper..hehehe..and i think that is normal that happens this incident nowadays. our society is so sick~~