Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a lost to the selfish living

The talented and strong Yasmin Ahmad past away after losing the fight against a deadly stroke.

"It is safe to assume that we won't find anyone quite like her,"

“Not to mention the adverts with racial values,” Darren said.

It was Rebun 2002 that made her famous (her first movie), where she won crucial awards that open the Malaysia’s movie market to the international scene.

Critics from all over the world were also pleased with her work and wrote rewarding comments to show their appreciation.

She's known for her philanthropic imagination and anti-racial perspectives, in which some would regard as mission impossible.

But she's no newbie to the human behavior, she majored in psychology and witness a good amount of grief before coming up with those ideas.

Though it might be a way to earn a living, her movies portray the necessary values that is currently lacking in the society.

She constantly takes us back in time and allow us to once again embrace the good and the bad times.

Among those films are Sepet and Talentime.

Even though she had the best intention in mind, she couldn't satisfy everyone.

There are people out there that regard Sepet as inappropriate and insensitive to racial integration.

Well, if a person understands the movie, he/she will know the importance of unity, but, if a person sees it the wrong way, who knows what fantasy he/she could be thinking of.

But no matter what, values such as these takes time to work its magic, and thus far, it has changed the mindset of many. At least it changed mine.

“The most significant improvement I notice was the need to provide a better environment for all races to live in” Darren adds.

Strangely, it only took a small effort of Yasmin to promote racial awareness, who knows what she's capable of doing in the next production.

One thing for sure, her take on Petronas has put the old at ease and the young at bay,and "we will never see anything quite like that anymore," Darren.

While most of us are shocked in her sudden departure, this is what she said before she leave,

“I don’t mind talentime being my last movie,” she said.

And ironically, it really became her last movie.

In memories of Yasmin Ahmad, a fighter in the cruel world

Friday, July 17, 2009

Google Chrome Operating System

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Google made a daring attempt to challenge Windows with its latest invention, Google Chrome OS (Operating System).

The new OS will be an open source operating system that will first hit the netbook (smaller than laptops) market and slowly make its way to desktop, Google official said.

Google claims that the new operating system will be up and running on netbooks starting in the second half of next year.

It will be “light and easy” and web browsing friendly.

Google OS adapts the same techniques of Google Chrome for its speed, simplicity and security.

“We’re designing the OS to be fast and lightweight, to start up and get you onto the web in a few seconds,” Google explains.

“The user interface is mininal to allow greater emphasis on web browsing,” Google adds.

Nonetheless, Google pledges to make security issue their top priority and decides to start from scratch with the basic redesigning of security architecture.

By doing so, users will fuss no more against virus, spyware and malware threads.

Chrome OS will be running on x86-based PCs, as well as machines built around the ARM processor (such as the so-called smartbooks or netbook).



As far as we know, Windows is still a widely used OS in the world.

Could this be the stepping stone to the end of Microsoft's dominance over the OS industry?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Michael Jackson's corpse in Neverland

A body was found in Neverland during a sweep that could very be the corpse of the prominent Michael Jackson, official said.

“From what we can tell, he died between 15 – 20 years ago,” forensic investigator Tim Holbrooke said.

“We don’t know who and what has been standing trial in that Santa Maria Court House,” he added.

According to Holbrooke, Jackson’s corpse was buried just inches below a stretch of the miniature-train tracks that run throughout Neverland.

The decaying body was dressed in red, zipper-covered leather jacket and a single glove that look like a dying trend decades ago.

“We are positive that the corpse belongs to Michael Jackson after examining dental and DNA evidence,” Holbrooke explains.

“Even though the body was at an advance decomposition stage, we found a striking similarity in bone structure and facial features,”

“Only his 1987 photos resemblance was negligible,” he add.

“This discovery has raised a series of questions, but it also leads to a number of disturbing incidents,” he said disheartedly.

“Moreover, Michael Jackson has been acting strangely so far,” he concludes.

Mean while, forensic experts and music critics are speculating that Michael death happened before the release of the multi-platinum album Bad.

Detectives are currently looking at the lyrics on “Man In The Mirror” for leads relating to the death of the youngest Jackson and the person who assumed his identity.

“We believe that Neverland existed as the sole purpose to divert attention, acting as the perfect place for Michael’s burial, a mastermind afterall,” Holbrooke said.

“We also suspect that the crime happened on that range was the work of an imposter, though the current evidence only lead us to 13-year-old cancer patient,”

“And who knows? The current Michael Jackson could very much be a victim of the sort,”

“Basically, we have no idea what type of creature we are dealing with,” Holbrooke explains.

The investigation continues thereafter.

Source: Annoymous forwarded e-mail

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Murdered or Mishap?

La Toya Jackson, MJ’s sister, expressed her need for a thorough investigation after finding out the benefits of her brother’s death.

She believed that MJ’s success and wealth made him a tempting target for fraud. Moreover, she found out that roughly 2 million dollars worth of jewellery was taken after his death.

She also announced that she was well aware of the people who aggravated his death on June 25 and vowed to see them brought to justice.

Interestingly, she claimed that Michael Jackson was pressured to perform in London even after several refusals.

Her comments came two days after Michael’s father blunt statement of “foul play,” during the guardianship procedure of his two children to his ex-wife.

However, the key hearing over the custody of the children delayed a week after recent talks, giving Michael’s 79-year-old mother additional time with the children.

Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, told ABC News that he was dumbfounded when he learned that his son collapsed and rushed to the hospital.

“I find it difficult to believe the incident. I do believe it was a foul play. I do believe that,” he said, with no further explanation.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Honouring The King of Pop

The wrath of the King ended and departed after ministering a series of problems in the early 90s.

The first problem that significantly turned his life upside down was the alleged child abuse scandal. Almost immediately, the recording company dispel his contract leaving him idle for a very long time.

But even though the accusation reached the ears of the public, fans around the world still endorse his success as the most prominent artist in the music industry.

His album, Thriller, remains the world best-selling album of all time, while his other four albums rank's top in the list.

Even though he was well respected for being an excellent entertainer, he’s child sexual abuse scandal gradually brought out the worst of him.

Not only did he find it difficult to walk around at home (paparazzi), his panel of lawyers resorted to possible mental illness declaration as his last form of defence.

But thankfully, the judges decided to set him free after finding something amiss within the collected evidence. And from then on, there were no leads to his accusations.

When the controversy finally ended, health problems quickly took charged and left him in a serious financial crisis after spending millions on his bail.

He also made difficult choices to auction out his most prized Marvel and DC comic characters to the public in order to make ends meet. His trusted manager on the other hand attempted to leave him during his darkest hour.

But that wasn’t his biggest problem. He announced his poor childhood moments on The Opera Show in the early 90s and thoroughly explains how his father instil fear and loneliness in his life.

In the show, he states that his father’s action has caused years of trauma in his life and he constantly cried in his dad's presents.

Because of that, he made initiative and founded an organization called, Heal the World Foundation, and donated over 300 million dollars to charity centres affiliated to his company.

When he finally got through everything, he fell gently on the floor looking upwards to his children and left the world with his outstanding track record in charity and unbeatable album sale.

We miss him terribly

In Memory's of Michael Jackson, the greatest artist of all time.
(sorry mj, i suck big time in obituary)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

So you are in love...

“They do not love that do not show their love,” William Shakespeare. Literally mean that they (girls) do not love those who do not love them back. Or in another form, you might come across the saying “why should I love someone who doesn’t love me”. No matter how different women and men are, we must look through all angles with caution and not repeat the same mistake over and over, with the assumption that she's sooo into you.

Women are often seen as weak and unrealistic to the real world by men. But if you look at the bright side, we are finally embracing the fact that both men and women are different. And different people have different qualities in their respective field, prior to the book Men are from mars, Women are from Venus.

We all have our own definition on love but we tend to interpret that feeling based on what we belief, which could either go very right or very wrong, depending on the person you are dealing with. Some girls take physical attraction to heart and some requires genuinity, you will never know until you make effort to understand their true nature.

Regardless of which, end of the day, they just want to be that special person and not someone on par with your movie buddy. They want you to prove it genuinely under their terms and conditions. Well as for us, we only require a simple loyalty (not meeting other boys) and uncomplicated female companionship. But do remember, the key is to understand them and not call names after knowing their capabilities.

No matter what we think, there are still significant amount of women who only favours people with good looks and luxuries. “I like boys with fast cars, they turn me on,” I bet you hear that all the time. Girls must understand that Malaysia consist mostly of the average income group. And if one would to discriminate another over wealth, he or she will be loosing out to the 70% average crowd, which in my opinion, no one really thought about.

We can’t blame girls for being like that because most of them are born shopaholic and to pass time, money is needed. So end of the day, what do girls really need?

They need moderation, a little bit on the financial side, a little bit on the genuine side and a presentable look. But if you’re neither here nor there, you’ll have a tough time getting the girl you want. Just imagine a scenario where you don’t own a vehicle and the girl you like is 20 kilometres away.

Another interesting aspect to look at is the term, love at first sight, it is often overrated and overused. The term has nothing special embedded in it but a mere good first impression. Most of the time those feelings don't last.

The first thing a girl will note is your confidence through the outfit that you’re wearing. A neat and casual outfit is a good first impression but be careful not to overdress as it gives out an uneasy feeling.

Even though is ideal to leave a good first impression, you must understand that everything has a price. Because of your efforts, they have a fair share of high expectations from you in the future. And I bet you don't realise that.

Also, girls are attracted to boys who carry themselves well in the first five minutes conversation and often assume that you have certain amount of qualities that they desire. So be careful and try not to allow her to expect too much from you, in other words, be humble.

One of the most common misinterpretation of boy's comes from the physical acceptance of a girl. If she holds your hand and hug you, that doesn’t mean she loves you. If she cares about you, that doesn’t mean she loves you. If she hates you for no reason, that doesn’t mean she love you. The fact is, some girls are naturally seductive and it is essential to know them better before thinking too much or acting out hastily.

So end of the day, does girls really care about your inner self? The answer is half no. There are numerous boys next door who are born gentlemen and suave in their natural behaviour with average looks but that is not enough get the girl going gaga over him. You'll need to pass certain standards of physical attraction and financial capabilities to get them talking to you, so make sure the girl that you are trying to get is not obsessed with physical appearances. Unless you own a Maserati, if not, listen to what I'm telling you.

On a similar issue, we often hear the overly used phrase “We love bad boys”. It is extremely metaphoric and amateur to like a bad person. As boys, we are not blind. The bad boys tend to be filthy rich, annoyingly handsome and gruesomely talented. To prove my point, girls only tag along with bad boys if he has something for her to die for. And they often rationalized it by saying good guys are boring.

So after reading afar, you’ll be cracking your head on what is the best course of action to get a girl. The rule is simple, just save money, if you have none. We must look at how the media portray relationships, it is filled with flowers, dinners and gifts that are practically marketing strategy to fool young kids that girls love them.

But then again, if you don't provide enough, they might turn the situation around and jump to conclusion that you’re not sincere because there are millions of ways to earn money. They believe that you’re not trying hard enough to get them, sometimes.

Having said so, why do men still submit to their nonsense? Is it really true love? A one girl man? Well guess what, guys are not like that, no offence. They (girls) have something we need, which is sex, according to Maslow Hierarchy of needs. If the girls can work their charm on us, so can we. So why go through the trouble when the ending is always the same? or assuming something that ends the same. Well for that, we have to ask god. We're either too smart to do something simple or too stupid to choose a difficult path.

But hey! Even if the girl doesn't portray the need to spend, situation still force us to spend unrationally. Most guys are happy when do something good for their love ones. But of course, never turn the situation around and use it as a defence by saying "I spend a lot on you and I hope you show some gratitude".

So how should we approach girls? The best way to get a girl is to follow the tip in saving money and treat them with respect. But let me get it straight, respect doesn’t mean good and respect doesn’t mean showering her with sweet and caring words. Be confident in front of them and treat them accordingly based on manners, soft spoke-ness, and other suave personality. This will make them feel at home and not to categorize you as an annoying magnet sticking on their nerves. Moreover, your efforts are more than welcome to their idealistic boyfriend.

After you succeed in getting the person you want, you’ll be puzzle about maintenance. This is also another simple step that we often ignore. Just communicate more, be it a hobby or future prospect, this way both of you will understand each other more.

However, discussions come arguements, we all know that. But try not to lose your cool when she’s not being understanding, chances are that you are assuming something about her and she's assume something about you. Make sure both of you see each others point thoroughly before jumping into any conclusion.

Well, I can't nature you all the way, there are many aspect in a relationship that you have to learn it the hard way. And every girl is still a mystery. So absorb it positively and see if what I’ve said make any sense to you.

Best regards for wasting your fucking time with me,
Good bye.