Thursday, December 24, 2009

Goodbye 2009

I know it's Christmas and as cliche as it may sound, I wanna thank all of you who participated, followed and commented on this blog.

And for those who suffered this year, leave it all behind. Give yourself a new purpose in 2010 and forget the satbacks. The truth is, everyone will hit a torn or two as they move. Really, nothing is certain and nothing is perfect. Still, we can take precaution and reduce the chances of unwanted situations.

For this Christmas season, try staying at home, after all Christmas is a family event. We can give the drinking and unprecedented hook ups a rest, take this opportunity to communicate with your siblings, parents and neighbors.

Last but not least, be safe. Don't indulge too much in smoking, drugs and sexy chicks. Trust me, there's 101 better ways to end the year with than a silly one night stand because you and I know that those thoughts are false unless you're willing to stick a 1000 dollar bill up her ass. Grr...

Till then,
Enjoy Your Holiday.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

All American Rejects - When The World Comes Down

Ever since All American Rejects appear in the music scene, they have never fail to entertain alternative rock fans.

On their latest album, When The World Comes Down, comes with 11 sizzling tracks and one crazy cover with their new abbreviation AAR. And with just a glance, two of their hit single I Wanna and Give Me Hell reached top on RickDee's Top 40 and Billboard Top 100. Still, it is Fallin' Apart and Breakin' that makes this album great, aside from their usual staple.

And unlike most of the artist that relies on certain hit tunes, this album comes in a package of 11 amazing tracks that are both exciting and mind-blowing.

All American Rejects latest is in all leading recording store nationwide.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Green day's 21st century breakdown

For fans who love their original style will find it hard to digest the slow and emotional tune on 21 Guns. In fact, they no longer portray the American Idiot we once know but rather something mature in the 21st century. Still, not all is lost. Tracks like 21st Century Breakdown does reminiscence their old ways but this time with more vocal and less screaming.
That's not all, if you're in the mood to flirt, try Viva la Gloria and you'll experience a very different vibe considering the band's history of obtrusive music. Overall, this is one hell of an album and arguably the best of Green Day so far.

Green Day's latest is in all major record stores nationwide.

Horrors in temporary jobs

I’m in the midst of self discovery and other potential alternative in career. There are certain areas in life that I’m yet to find out. After all, we can only see and hear what other people do, which could be accurate or inaccurate depending on each and every individual interpretation.

For that, I instinctively disseminate my resume massively hoping to lay my hands on a writing position but alas, it didn’t went according to plan and everyone had sufficient left over to run December issue.

But since I persist, an editor from Clive, quickly forwards my information to Warner Music Malaysia. And to my surprise, they called almost instantaneously for an interview.

Sadly, I was only half prepared during the interview and I forgot to ask two important questions before I agreed working with them. And like any other people, I assumed my job scope with the confidence and trust from an editor/writer since he knew how much I wanted writing.

But unfortunately, I wrote nothing and interviewed no one and spend most of my time indoor doing what adults hate to do, packing, printing, cutting and filing. Eventually, I do get to go out but it wasn’t for an interview or to pester someone but to dispatch items around, since every company has a staff that runs errand like that. And with me being new, I acted as the pawn that any bosses need as dispatch.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll send my people over,” said with a grind. I got up from my uncomfortable executive chair, collect the items and rush to the mapped destination.

When I finally reach the place, after hours of traffic congestion and car park hassle, I hand over the package and it went swiftly without a hint of gesture that I might take a name card from his/her assistance.

From there, I begin to realize my job scope and gotten a bigger picture of what I’m supposed to do. And more importantly realize that how wrong I was to assume the interview.

Still, I persevered and continue doing my daily task of packing, scanning, printing, cutting and replying unimportant emails on their behalf. It was tolerable until one day my efforts was unappreciated.


That was the time when I was told to pay Astro a visit for a few deliveries. I panic for a second and told him that it will be better if I courier the items over and pointed the fact that I’m not familiar with the route but he insisted on sending it anyway.

So I took the liberty to learn the road from my father and reached Astro without too much problem aside from getting honk now and then for last minute swirls due to my lack of alertness in the new journey.

And as clumsy as I always were, I drove into the premise without realizing that only employees are allowed to enter.

Though the journey was rough with bits and bytes everywhere, I still manage to reach the lobby without wasting too much time.

But that day wasn’t my lucky day. It rained heavily and I was stuck in Astro until my higher up begin to suspect my adequacy and texted me several time to come back.

When I got back, I did the usual things that an office boy will do and leave when 6.30pm came but it was no easy feat. Every time I try to leave, I’ll get a quiz on things that I’ve done with suspicions that I slack during working hours and also the intimidating aura that suggest “don’t go back if your work is not done”.

Even said so, I was still confident to leave because everything I was doing wasn’t even close to the actual operations in the office. Besides, I’m only doing things that other people hate doing as a senior.

Still, my level of tolerance is safe but I begin to build up a rebellion force inside me and sometimes I just wanted to retaliate.

On the next day, I begin embracing life as it is and begin accepting little task that was told relevant to the media. And today, I got a few boxes with 200 CDs each to be sent to 26 radio studio nationwide.

Never did I think that I was expected to finish the packing by end of the day until I receive a sounding/remark despite having strain my hands the whole day. Further, I don’t usually leave at 6.45, most of the time I leave slightly later.

I got home feeling angry and tendered my resignation the next day. Little did I expect that temporary job/Internship could be this streeful.

So I urge enthusiast out there to ask your employers two very important questions I left out.

-What exactly am I going to do?
-What are my working hours?

By getting the answers to those question, they will be oblige to fulfill what they have promised you and not simply asking you to perform errands that others kill to do. Best of all, if you don’t like what they propose, you can just find another temp. job.

Signing off,
To life and trouble free temp. jobs!

Friday, December 11, 2009

How much we really know about the internet?

With the rising popularity of the internet, one cannot but embrace the fact that technology has taken a leap and is crucial that we know what to do with the opportunity available for us.

Since Google and online mail services dominate our lives, people are now able to communicate in real-time situation rather than spending time with a pen and a paper. Moreover, hands phone are well acquit with wifi capabilities, not to mention sms's advantages as well. There's no real reason why Google and Yahoo couldn't make money.

Still, do we ever sit down and think about the success of these companies? No. Instead we believe that these companies succeed for simply being the first to provide free email. Sadly, wverything we know only consists of 20 percent of their actual reason behind their story. There are other bewitching steps taken before the establishment made it to what it is today.

Just think about Friendster and how it gave us a new purpose in life. Think about the reason why you enjoy being around people in the club. Friendster poses a condition free environment for people to socialize and interact with one another. Moreover, people tend to be open when they are not obligated to give you the good first impression contrary to clubbers.

For the less appealing individuals, they tend to participate more on online social network than in real life. They sometimes disguise as someone else or animated characters to boost their confidence when interacting with others. And just like that, they are able to communicate with the kind of people they like in appose to the chances they have on a real life social environment. But that doesn’t deter “prominent” people to stop using Friendster. They too can be insecure without realising their own potentials.

In business terms, think of it as selling your ratings for free to Friendster. What they have created is a community, where possibilities mentioned above happen, regardless whether it is positive or negative.

Still, how much do we really know about online social webpages? They could be imposing themselves as Microsoft or Motorola and secretly disguising themselves as an ordinary user with hidden agenda. We really don’t know that.

Before we start utilizing the free medium, we need to analyst what users want and how they can use the community you created to their advantage. Blogging for instances, give us the confidence because we’re not judge on a professional point of view but rather constructive criticism from ordinary people. From there, we can improve before throwing ourselves into the ocean. Kudos to

The point is, brands should put themselves out there and not merely a website with historical background. Brands should build communities. By communities meaning to give users a safe zone to do what they can’t in real life.

A good example to that would be Lowyat forum. Clearly the content of the forum has nothing directly related to the premise but it does want you to visit and get a feel of the experiences within. To do that, they construct a forum where people can sell stuff, discuss issues, introduce games and other general hobby, with Lowyat as the tagline in the forum homepage.

With good faith, opinion leaders and sellers can meet up at Lowyat to do their transaction and other community based activities evolved in the forum.

And when such participation exist, Lowyat became a popular site and some would even regard it as the place for IT parts and any other computing product.

Still, it’s easier said than done. You cannot aspect something as miracle as this to happen in a day. A community is build in weeks, months and even years before you see actual result. You cannot escape from internet either because potential business partners and customers are using the same platform to connect with everything around.

It doesn’t have to be business, even non-profitable organization or special project can benefit from the use of internet. But still, is up to you to make the first move before your counterpart does.

Till then,

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What I've been doing?


Like all other students out there, we are probably having a nice time now without assignments or exam pulling our legs.

And unlike some who chooses to enjoy, I took the liberty and got myself a learning opportunity at Warner Music Malaysia and amazingly, in the first two weeks, I found some really depressing issues about the music industry. I fear that music might one day be extinct.

With YouTube and Torrent downloads rampant on the internet, we can now listen to music without having to buy CDs. Car accessories are no child play either, they too install convenient USB hubs to accommodate mp3 and wma audio files.

Unless, you come from a background with very little technology, I can't see a reason why you fail to download music like anyone else. Hail to TMnet and other internet service provider.

The thing is, label companies, took hours of promotion, collaboration and nurturing of local and international artist to give us what we have on Torrents and Limewire today. If we continue to download without control, we're probably see the extinction of music, faster than sharks and orang utans. And judging by the addiction of illegal downloads, torrent will soon put a price in every download.

If that's the case, why not contributing to the original music industry instead? There's no valid reason why hackers should earn your money. I know that CD's are expensive but if our attitude don't change, we might be responsible for destruction of music. And yes, I agree we can't live without illegal downloads but we still purchase original once in a while, with a balance for both pirated and original. With only a small effort of buying the CD's you really love, will brighten our day in label industry thus putting a smile in your favorite artist.

Before we press the download button, think of ways to get the government to reduce taxes for imported CD. With the correct influence and petition, we can demand for cheaper CDs.

But no matter what, there's always promotions and discounts available for us, especially on this month of giving. And so happen there's Warner and EMI cheap CD campaign.

It is the little effort and commitment that keep the music industry running and fret not, your contribution is not wasted. If things go well for the industry, you can be reassured that we (labels) will force your favorite artist to produce more hence better music.

Till then,
Bon Voyage blog reader,
A community service article by me.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cheap and Good at Indulge

Eating cheap and dining at mamak stalls is not going to get her or any other body parts that you crave. If you want her badly, treat her and yourself to a nice luncheon at Indulge. All you need is a vehicle with sufficient petrol and RM 50 (+ RM 2 for parking) and you’re good to go. Optionally, you can also add another RM20 for a romantic movie, but maybe some other time.

For starters, get her the Tuna Pistachio. It comes with salad and soury sauce that matches the general taste preference for women. Moreover, the fish provides rich source of protein and vegetable for her daily needs without compromising her diet plans.

You however should not go on a diet and opt for the herb infused roast chicken. The presentations and meaty combination goes well with idea to impress and it doesn't portray too much of a small eater. Best of all, it comes with mouth-watering gravy and mashed potato ideal for sharing.

Remember, the set lunch is from 12pm to 3pm. If you have missed the time period, come another day or convince her to share a tea time platter with you. You still get your romantic moments in a picnic style of cookies, cakes and sandwiches all in one.

Indulge Restaurant
Tropicana City, 2rd floor.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get your pop-corn ready!

If you enjoy a cup of tea over gossip girls and a physics book on prison break, then you’ll be happy that flash forward caters to those needs. In fact, there’s no series out there that puts you in such fear of knowing the future, to whom you’ll kill and to whom you’ll sleep with. After all, knowing is believing. Still, there’s no actual solution to the phenomena besides having to know that crows around the world blackout as well. The only real question is, why is it happening to humans and why is it happening now. FBI Mark Benford pull together his men in search for the anonymous person who stayed awake during the global blackout.

Starring Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Sonya Walger and Jack Davenport.

Take your time and indulge yourself in an epic and mind blowing thriller on a lonely Friday night.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A little help coping with stress

Managing stress is all about taking charge, not merely controlling the situation but rather your emotions, your environment and the way you solve problems. Your main objective is to achieve a balance life with time to play, work and socialize, hence the ability to work under pressure and taking on new challengers face off.

Of course, it is easier said than done. To effectively manage stress, you'll need to identify the causes of your worries, be it in relationship or financial issue. Sure, you understand the constrains of tight deadlines but maybe it is your procrastination that made you feel the way you feel.

So ask yourself these few questions and see whether you match the following:

- Do you associate stress with hard work? (I work better under stress)
- Or perhaps take stress as some temporary, come and go situation.
- Or maybe blame the situation on some one else that may be the root of the problem.

If the three or other excuse matches your description then you should follow the simple instructions below. Remember, stress is no excuse unless you allow it to take the best out of you.

For starters, try writing down the main cause of your stress and be detail on how it affect you emotionally and physically. When you're done with that, jot down your responses towards the problem and the things you did that made you feel better. And when the bad times come again, reveal and follow your past achievements.

Just by doing that, you pass the first stage of stress management and you legally oblige yourself to take responsibility for your own actions hence looking at real solution to cope stress. After all, there's no one we can rely on other than ourselves and books (knowledge).

Remember the old school of thoughts: Be organized and be early. Most of the time, it is the simple time management that is lacking.

Till then,
Stay stress-free.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brace yourself for the father of all animation, Doraemon, in an epic, magical adventure in Green Planet with flying baseball caps, time capsule carpet, weird machines and best of all moving plants! Truly an ideal getaway for retro September.

Yes, yes, the show does not display cute and panties flashing romance but who will disavow with the almighty pocket on Doraemon's belly? Everyone would love a good dimensional door to spy on our missus's embarrassing moments, especially with Shizuka Minamoto. In fact, Doraemon can draw out a touch and zap you "small" anytime he wanted to.

But don't worry, Doraemon and his cronies are busy battling their way home from Green Planet for the arrogance of mankind's cruelty to environment.

So save the environment unless you want to see Doraemon die!

Ahhh, just watch your hentai and forget about the cute, blue, ears eaten by rat, cat or whatever.

5 September, GSC Cinema

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Motoralla's response to iPhone culture

Sure, everyone loves iPhone and other apple products but if you ask a geek, they'll tell you that Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) phones are much better for wifi, web browsing and data entry, hence value for money.

And if you are a fan of Window's, you'll no doubt enjoy the latest Window Mobile 6.5 that is engineered for your private video viewing (shhh..!) and porn surfing handy when the missus is not around.

In fact, the system is so identical to XP and Vista you won't need shits to master the phone and you can get down to business as soon as you purchase.

But unfortunately nothing is perfect, even amazing firmwares like Window's mobile can freeze and unexpectedly open an intimate video of you and your exes.

But seriously, it isn't the missus that caused the hyped of the iPhone culture. Movies and popular soap operas embeds iCulture to each of the main characters lifestyle, leaving wannabes in grief to follow their footstep, particularly on Gossip Girls.

If you have an iPhone it means you've signed up for some weird Maxis plan or worse, switching your service provider for Maxis. But your glory doesn't end there, in 2 months time, maxis present you with yet another to-die-for iPhone3GS with added features like video recording and MMS. We know that you like to keep memories of your exes but buying again is a huge waste of money.

But then again, it isn't entirely our fault. Advertising and promotion made us the way we are and as cliche as it sound, we can only learn from our mistake.

So why not give the latest Motorola device a chance? Not only will you experience the "new" factor for the next six month but also a compliment of both the functionality of an iPhone and a PDA, how thoughtful...

In fact, the silky back silhouette and sliding keyboard works accordingly to your qwerty keyboard fetish without having to strain your delicate fingers and mark your prints on the screen.

Here's a general view of the new android phone.

Your sincerely,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Japan's most breathtaking animation, La Maison en Petits.

Halloween has recently haunt us in our beds but not as daunting as Tsumiki no Ie (2009) (The House of Small Cubes) that looks at several challenging moments in life we once took for granted.

The Oscar winning author, Kondo Kenji, planted his fear of old age in the video and visually narrates the ocean disaster that is yet to come. But what made that clip horrifying is the nostalgia behind the story. It looks at survival in its most basic form and continuously
reminded us about the glory of loosing one's love in mother nature's wrath.


The old man who struggles in life's most deadliest moment (isolation and loneliness) made his way to the top of the cube, leaving behind his precious memories beneath the depths of the sea. Thus living his few final years in his cherished secluded space called home. He was doing great initially until he drop his favorite pipe to the lower level of his heritage and hesitantly picked it up with the memories of his late wife. As he remain silent for that few seconds, he decides to roam the lower levels of his home to ferret out the life that he once had. Only when he reached rock bottom he realizes the hardship in life and how he managed to beat the others to the top. But still, he embraces what life has to offer and made full use of the remaining happiness harvested around him in the compliments of his inseparable wine glass and freshly grilled tuna (presumably).


So the morale of the story tells you that even the talented is vulnerable to loneliness.

Till then,
Enjoy the clip.
(I hope I'm not spoiling you mofos out there for posting such ingenious clip).

Part 1

Part 2


Friday, October 30, 2009

Black and white (it's not Michael Jackson mofos)

If you're into animation and other computerized video design subject then you should see this video. It uses the silhouette of a popular animation Bad Apple, in mostly white and black. Sure the colour choice brings back memories but seriously, the continuous mutation creates that cool vibe for imagination . In fact, the music chosen in the video is so good, you can even dance with it in your girlfriend's panties (damn!). So forgo some girl-next-door peeping session and watch a healthy and addictive video instead, idiot.

Let me know if you have seen similar videos but I'm sure you don't so just F**k Off.
Enjoy the music nonetheless!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Nostalgic movie experience

Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) recently hosted the annual Latin-American film festival with promising Latin movies for four days straight. Among the popular and award winning films are Cronicas, The Good Life and The Snail Strategy. All equally intrigued and meaningful.

Unfortunately, the event was too short and it didn’t really capture the desired movie-goers, aside from being RM 5. In fact, there were almost or no trailer at all for those limited time movies. That means you'll have to risk your time, money and petrol for the movie.

Having said so, I took the risk and bought a pair of tickets to the last session of Cronicas and I was really excited since I traveled all the way to 1U at 1pm for a 7.15pm small cinema movie.

It might be a little crazy since it's only a movie but I'm starting to appreciate foreign shows for its cultural and ethical differences. But still, it was YouTube's trailer that got me hooked to the show.

Despite the anticipation, the trailer (above) was the closest I got to the movie. And sadly, GSC no longer air the show.

Here’s what happened at the GSC 1U.

6.45pm – Rush to Patty’s place (Shit! I might be late.)
7.00pm – Hi baby! (kiss kiss on cheeks, yay!)
7.10pm – Found a car park at 1U and glared the on coming cars with my telepathic "sucker" stare.
7.12pm – Bought lite and sweet pop corn because caramel is distasteful like your morning breath (yuck!)
7.15pm – Ahhh, cinema 5!
7.20pm – Ehh, where’s the advertisements? Where is everyone?
7.25pm – (Honest auntie beside us) Boy! Can you ask them if they are airing the show? Oh ok, right.
7.30pm – Sorry ah! Movie cancel, we will refund your movie and give you free voucher, so sorry!

Even though we didn't get to watch the movie (sadly), GSC staff made sure we went back with full refund and 4 complimentary passes.

And almost instantaneously, we redeemed the next show for rebellion. The gangster flick was intense and gruesome at the same time, good for people who miss Young and Dangerous.

So end of the day, I had my excitement but it was nostalgic at first because the refund and complimentary came as a surprise (at least, to me).

But no matter what, I'm still determined to watch Cronicas but I'm sure it won't just drop from the sky. If you happen to linger in the DVD stall looking at porn DVDs and stumbled over that show, please by all means drop a comment.

Thanks for reading and good bye,
I owe it to your sorry ass.

Friday, August 28, 2009

H1N1 is sooooo underrated

*taken from Google

It looks like any ordinary flu or cold but once H1N1 takes charge, your immune system will fall, following by death. But really, if you think carefully, influenza A and AIDS aren't that different. First, it kills your immune system completely and then it lets you die in the next disease. So if you think you’re fit for AIDS, then don’t bother wearing a mask in the crowded LRT.

So how to protect yourself you might ask? Fear not, I have the solution for you that is neither a hassle nor a penalty to your pocket. Just follow this simple instruction and you're in for a safer and healthier lifestyle.

1. Wash your hands.

2. Cover your cough.

3. Don’t touch your face.

4. Stay away from people who are sick.

And if you’re the victim of the disease, don’t panic. Just get to the nearest Hospital (call someone if you don’t know which) and tell them your problem. Upon consuming the medication, make sure you follow every instruction prescribed by the doctor so you'll stop spreading the disease during your intimate moments.

But trust me, your death isn't the most important issue right now. If the virus mutates to a new level at the account of your death then more people will die.

So the least we can do right now is to defend yourselves against the virus, I mean healthy diet and exercise. After all, we are the smartest creatures alive so when did we fall sick and die on something so small when we can eat snakes and polar bears everyday? Hilarious.

Till then,
Stay healthy and
stay safe,
I don’t want to see you on the obituary page.

*a community article by Darren Chiang*

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a lost to the selfish living

The talented and strong Yasmin Ahmad past away after losing the fight against a deadly stroke.

"It is safe to assume that we won't find anyone quite like her,"

“Not to mention the adverts with racial values,” Darren said.

It was Rebun 2002 that made her famous (her first movie), where she won crucial awards that open the Malaysia’s movie market to the international scene.

Critics from all over the world were also pleased with her work and wrote rewarding comments to show their appreciation.

She's known for her philanthropic imagination and anti-racial perspectives, in which some would regard as mission impossible.

But she's no newbie to the human behavior, she majored in psychology and witness a good amount of grief before coming up with those ideas.

Though it might be a way to earn a living, her movies portray the necessary values that is currently lacking in the society.

She constantly takes us back in time and allow us to once again embrace the good and the bad times.

Among those films are Sepet and Talentime.

Even though she had the best intention in mind, she couldn't satisfy everyone.

There are people out there that regard Sepet as inappropriate and insensitive to racial integration.

Well, if a person understands the movie, he/she will know the importance of unity, but, if a person sees it the wrong way, who knows what fantasy he/she could be thinking of.

But no matter what, values such as these takes time to work its magic, and thus far, it has changed the mindset of many. At least it changed mine.

“The most significant improvement I notice was the need to provide a better environment for all races to live in” Darren adds.

Strangely, it only took a small effort of Yasmin to promote racial awareness, who knows what she's capable of doing in the next production.

One thing for sure, her take on Petronas has put the old at ease and the young at bay,and "we will never see anything quite like that anymore," Darren.

While most of us are shocked in her sudden departure, this is what she said before she leave,

“I don’t mind talentime being my last movie,” she said.

And ironically, it really became her last movie.

In memories of Yasmin Ahmad, a fighter in the cruel world

Friday, July 17, 2009

Google Chrome Operating System

Picture courtesy of

Google made a daring attempt to challenge Windows with its latest invention, Google Chrome OS (Operating System).

The new OS will be an open source operating system that will first hit the netbook (smaller than laptops) market and slowly make its way to desktop, Google official said.

Google claims that the new operating system will be up and running on netbooks starting in the second half of next year.

It will be “light and easy” and web browsing friendly.

Google OS adapts the same techniques of Google Chrome for its speed, simplicity and security.

“We’re designing the OS to be fast and lightweight, to start up and get you onto the web in a few seconds,” Google explains.

“The user interface is mininal to allow greater emphasis on web browsing,” Google adds.

Nonetheless, Google pledges to make security issue their top priority and decides to start from scratch with the basic redesigning of security architecture.

By doing so, users will fuss no more against virus, spyware and malware threads.

Chrome OS will be running on x86-based PCs, as well as machines built around the ARM processor (such as the so-called smartbooks or netbook).



As far as we know, Windows is still a widely used OS in the world.

Could this be the stepping stone to the end of Microsoft's dominance over the OS industry?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Michael Jackson's corpse in Neverland

A body was found in Neverland during a sweep that could very be the corpse of the prominent Michael Jackson, official said.

“From what we can tell, he died between 15 – 20 years ago,” forensic investigator Tim Holbrooke said.

“We don’t know who and what has been standing trial in that Santa Maria Court House,” he added.

According to Holbrooke, Jackson’s corpse was buried just inches below a stretch of the miniature-train tracks that run throughout Neverland.

The decaying body was dressed in red, zipper-covered leather jacket and a single glove that look like a dying trend decades ago.

“We are positive that the corpse belongs to Michael Jackson after examining dental and DNA evidence,” Holbrooke explains.

“Even though the body was at an advance decomposition stage, we found a striking similarity in bone structure and facial features,”

“Only his 1987 photos resemblance was negligible,” he add.

“This discovery has raised a series of questions, but it also leads to a number of disturbing incidents,” he said disheartedly.

“Moreover, Michael Jackson has been acting strangely so far,” he concludes.

Mean while, forensic experts and music critics are speculating that Michael death happened before the release of the multi-platinum album Bad.

Detectives are currently looking at the lyrics on “Man In The Mirror” for leads relating to the death of the youngest Jackson and the person who assumed his identity.

“We believe that Neverland existed as the sole purpose to divert attention, acting as the perfect place for Michael’s burial, a mastermind afterall,” Holbrooke said.

“We also suspect that the crime happened on that range was the work of an imposter, though the current evidence only lead us to 13-year-old cancer patient,”

“And who knows? The current Michael Jackson could very much be a victim of the sort,”

“Basically, we have no idea what type of creature we are dealing with,” Holbrooke explains.

The investigation continues thereafter.

Source: Annoymous forwarded e-mail

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Murdered or Mishap?

La Toya Jackson, MJ’s sister, expressed her need for a thorough investigation after finding out the benefits of her brother’s death.

She believed that MJ’s success and wealth made him a tempting target for fraud. Moreover, she found out that roughly 2 million dollars worth of jewellery was taken after his death.

She also announced that she was well aware of the people who aggravated his death on June 25 and vowed to see them brought to justice.

Interestingly, she claimed that Michael Jackson was pressured to perform in London even after several refusals.

Her comments came two days after Michael’s father blunt statement of “foul play,” during the guardianship procedure of his two children to his ex-wife.

However, the key hearing over the custody of the children delayed a week after recent talks, giving Michael’s 79-year-old mother additional time with the children.

Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, told ABC News that he was dumbfounded when he learned that his son collapsed and rushed to the hospital.

“I find it difficult to believe the incident. I do believe it was a foul play. I do believe that,” he said, with no further explanation.

Courtesy of

Friday, July 10, 2009

Honouring The King of Pop

The wrath of the King ended and departed after ministering a series of problems in the early 90s.

The first problem that significantly turned his life upside down was the alleged child abuse scandal. Almost immediately, the recording company dispel his contract leaving him idle for a very long time.

But even though the accusation reached the ears of the public, fans around the world still endorse his success as the most prominent artist in the music industry.

His album, Thriller, remains the world best-selling album of all time, while his other four albums rank's top in the list.

Even though he was well respected for being an excellent entertainer, he’s child sexual abuse scandal gradually brought out the worst of him.

Not only did he find it difficult to walk around at home (paparazzi), his panel of lawyers resorted to possible mental illness declaration as his last form of defence.

But thankfully, the judges decided to set him free after finding something amiss within the collected evidence. And from then on, there were no leads to his accusations.

When the controversy finally ended, health problems quickly took charged and left him in a serious financial crisis after spending millions on his bail.

He also made difficult choices to auction out his most prized Marvel and DC comic characters to the public in order to make ends meet. His trusted manager on the other hand attempted to leave him during his darkest hour.

But that wasn’t his biggest problem. He announced his poor childhood moments on The Opera Show in the early 90s and thoroughly explains how his father instil fear and loneliness in his life.

In the show, he states that his father’s action has caused years of trauma in his life and he constantly cried in his dad's presents.

Because of that, he made initiative and founded an organization called, Heal the World Foundation, and donated over 300 million dollars to charity centres affiliated to his company.

When he finally got through everything, he fell gently on the floor looking upwards to his children and left the world with his outstanding track record in charity and unbeatable album sale.

We miss him terribly

In Memory's of Michael Jackson, the greatest artist of all time.
(sorry mj, i suck big time in obituary)