Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Japan's most breathtaking animation, La Maison en Petits.

Halloween has recently haunt us in our beds but not as daunting as Tsumiki no Ie (2009) (The House of Small Cubes) that looks at several challenging moments in life we once took for granted.

The Oscar winning author, Kondo Kenji, planted his fear of old age in the video and visually narrates the ocean disaster that is yet to come. But what made that clip horrifying is the nostalgia behind the story. It looks at survival in its most basic form and continuously
reminded us about the glory of loosing one's love in mother nature's wrath.


The old man who struggles in life's most deadliest moment (isolation and loneliness) made his way to the top of the cube, leaving behind his precious memories beneath the depths of the sea. Thus living his few final years in his cherished secluded space called home. He was doing great initially until he drop his favorite pipe to the lower level of his heritage and hesitantly picked it up with the memories of his late wife. As he remain silent for that few seconds, he decides to roam the lower levels of his home to ferret out the life that he once had. Only when he reached rock bottom he realizes the hardship in life and how he managed to beat the others to the top. But still, he embraces what life has to offer and made full use of the remaining happiness harvested around him in the compliments of his inseparable wine glass and freshly grilled tuna (presumably).


So the morale of the story tells you that even the talented is vulnerable to loneliness.

Till then,
Enjoy the clip.
(I hope I'm not spoiling you mofos out there for posting such ingenious clip).

Part 1

Part 2



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