Saturday, November 7, 2009

Motoralla's response to iPhone culture

Sure, everyone loves iPhone and other apple products but if you ask a geek, they'll tell you that Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) phones are much better for wifi, web browsing and data entry, hence value for money.

And if you are a fan of Window's, you'll no doubt enjoy the latest Window Mobile 6.5 that is engineered for your private video viewing (shhh..!) and porn surfing handy when the missus is not around.

In fact, the system is so identical to XP and Vista you won't need shits to master the phone and you can get down to business as soon as you purchase.

But unfortunately nothing is perfect, even amazing firmwares like Window's mobile can freeze and unexpectedly open an intimate video of you and your exes.

But seriously, it isn't the missus that caused the hyped of the iPhone culture. Movies and popular soap operas embeds iCulture to each of the main characters lifestyle, leaving wannabes in grief to follow their footstep, particularly on Gossip Girls.

If you have an iPhone it means you've signed up for some weird Maxis plan or worse, switching your service provider for Maxis. But your glory doesn't end there, in 2 months time, maxis present you with yet another to-die-for iPhone3GS with added features like video recording and MMS. We know that you like to keep memories of your exes but buying again is a huge waste of money.

But then again, it isn't entirely our fault. Advertising and promotion made us the way we are and as cliche as it sound, we can only learn from our mistake.

So why not give the latest Motorola device a chance? Not only will you experience the "new" factor for the next six month but also a compliment of both the functionality of an iPhone and a PDA, how thoughtful...

In fact, the silky back silhouette and sliding keyboard works accordingly to your qwerty keyboard fetish without having to strain your delicate fingers and mark your prints on the screen.

Here's a general view of the new android phone.

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