Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas!

It never really cross my mind to believe astronomy until the prediction became reality. Despite the economy and political crisis that happened throughout the year, I'm pretty darn sure that everyone out there is having a tough time coping with the endless stress that 2008 has brought upon us.

As a freshman in degree, transition was the only potential issue. Nothing too serious, just the usual getting-used-to-the-environment excitement that everyone goes through, some would regard it as growing up pain. Unlike certain people, some of us have to endure layers of problems that prevent the transition process to move smoothly. Let us go back in time for a while.


Choosing the right course that matches our dream job is hard enough but choosing the right location based on your financial standing is harder. Just when you thought your miseries are over, the nerve wracking grades requirement kicks in with no mercy.

Well, not every colleges and universities out there are as lenient as to accept borderline passes into their institution, unless your parents intend to donate a brand new science lab or a few hundred thousand dollars in cash, then you might get in with your poor results, but not everyone is that fortunate out there. So sometimes I ask myself, is money everything to education? What happen to you if you’re poor with minimal passes on SPM?

Surely you would give up in education and submit to the harsh reality by working at a young age. IF only government recognizes the psychological impact on average students.

My question is who deserves education scholarship? Is it the poor with average/poor result or rich with outstanding results? Let’s face it; the rich can afford state of the art brain development institutions that motivate learning ability at a young age, while poor students rely on talents.

But let’s face it again, who are these talented people? The advantage goes to the rich again, uncontested. Well it’s really simple if you look closely, parents with talent are often rich and significantly prominent while the poor people get rich the hard way. But then again, that was last time when our country suffers the aftermath of British invasion. What about now?

The present doesn’t exactly permit one to learn the hard way, not because hard workers are insignificant but the fact that the opportunity out there is lessened. What I mean is without recommendations and strings to pull, you may never get the opportunity you deserve, unless you possess a skill and a talent.

But does the issues ends there? Well, not for everyone. This time the blame goes to the parents out there (read and understand if you’re a parent). Education isn’t a path just by sitting down hearing endless lectures and producing good result based on who can remember more. If one would to work in the field of interest first, they would have the edge over students without working experience. This will significantly guide students to what they really want and a thorough understanding of the career path that they choose and not get surprised later on in life.

The problem lies on the timeframe of our education journey. They think that working first will significantly jeopardize their dream of seeing us in higher institution. Moreover, they concur that working in-between education is a waste of time and conclude that only the unfortunate resort to such action. Ignorant.

Then again, how is education perceived these days? From my experience, education is only perceived as books and courses and not a place where one absorb knowledge. Working could be a stepping stone to many possibilities and also a vital experience that benefits students in their tertiary education. But does our parent’s see that? They often ignore that fact and expect us to finish our education at the fastest possible timeframe, so they can get on with their lives, screaming out loud – Mission Accomplished!

To prove my point, education is not as simple as one sees because there are other social conflict that some would face aside from coping with the program. That is why lecturers are easy on students these days because they understand that we have more important things in our hands to solve than a 50 marks assignment. If only our parent’s sees that.


Right now, I face a moment of solitude during the vital moment of Christmas, it never occur to me that one would celebrate the culture alone. Even though some would regard the celebration like any ordinary day, but nonetheless, the fact remains the same, you are here and they are out there having a good time.

Being alone on a day like Christmas is bad enough but having nothing to look forward after Christmas is worst. And for those who just broke up in a relationship I wish you well while Santa and god pledge their duties in churches. This is the part where religious followers manifest their beliefs by portraying god as a mysterious person who works in mysterious way, that’s arrogance if you ask me.

But what did I do in the end? I hit the clubs with a few close friends as planned but the situation got a little out of hand. This happen after I realise a devastating F on my result slip for one of the subjects. Mind you that this is the first I ever fail for a subject.

So, just like any teenager out there, I got myself really drunk, vomited countless amount of time and got my fabric stained with unimaginable bile.

Of course, initially, the outing was pre-planned with the purpose to cheer me up after my set back in life but the F was totally unexpected.

Okok! I'll stop whining. It is already the third day. Hangovers still kicks in but I’m through with 2008, life has so much to offer if only I'm patient.

But all I really wanted to say is Merry Christmas. All's well that ends well, 2009 is the year to look forward to and I really don’t know why I’m writing this piece of shit.

Thank you enough for wasting your time,
Good luck with everything.