Monday, June 28, 2010

All time favourite, Old Time White Coffee, Kelana Jaya Brance.

Firstly, I wanna congratulate my girlfriend for finding a better place to stay. It took eons to find a good and cheap place to rent. We literally survey every corner of each housing area in Taman Mayang area to ss2, until we decided to choose the one in Ara Damansara. Aside from the quietness the area provides, it is also near to her working place in near One Utama.

Hopefully she's bless with good housemate, so far, aside from the cleanliness issue, her housemate seems pretty welcoming thus far.

As for food, I'll like to tribute the old and surviving kopitiam, Old Time White Coffee.

I know many of you have been to this place and probably sicken by the idea of coffee and egg's but let's face it, this place was once our hangout place, group discussion, assignment doing, dating, dinner and probably lunch. It is only fair to feature this iconic place once in a while (I'm sure you have your own selection of memorable location!).

Below are some of the old time favorite and also my personal favourite in this coffee shop cum cafe restaurant.

Omega 3 soft boil egg.

Ham and Cheese Polo Bun.

And the not so good but healthy ice drink water.

This are arguably one of the few pioneer snacks of Old Time White Coffee, except for the plain water. I am after all, watching my weight and muscle growth, so forgive me for not including the usual hazelnut white coffee.

Please, let me know if there's other restaurant you wish to see in this blog.

Till then,

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Illegal downloads and latest anime/movies and etc

I didn't really have much to eat now a days and with my girlfriend sifting houses, I don't really have the energy to blog. What I can do is, maybe, I can update you with some of the leading torrent animes, such the latest release of bleach and naturo, and where to get them.

Fret not, I'll even teach you how the software and downloading works.

Till then.


First Step:
Download utorrent from

Second Step:
After installing the software, download torrents from (Latest naturo, bleach and other anime), (latest American series) and (pretty much everything from porn to your neighbors leak pictures).

And for the last step:
Keep your computer and router on until the download completes. And if you can, set your router settings and utorrent settings (under option and enable upnp)

Hopefully, you'll find watching illegal movies a bliss after this.

If you have any confusion, issues or suggestion of better p2p software and torrent sites, please don't hesitate to message me at the chatbox or the commentary below.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sinful food and free movie tickets (again!)

Today, I received an email from MalaysianToday to collect a series of goodies. Frankly, I don't even remember when I participated that online quiz.

But, however, don't be mistaken by the picture, the voucher I receive entitles to most of the upcoming Chinese movies (RAM distribution Voucher).

And since you wasted your precious 15 seconds on this blog, let me reward you with a sinful picture from Hainan Coffee at Tropicana City Mall. Maybe you can include it while you shout to the referee.

On the menu it is written Thai Chicken Chop but they forgot to mention that it doesn't come with vegetable. What's with Thai people and vegetable?

Till then,
Watching football - England v Slovenia
More food pictures approaching, I promise.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tea Time break at Pappa - Gardens

It's been three days since I submit the last assignment of my degree course. Some might think it's freedom, some might think that education has ended. But the truth is, learning is never over.

What might seem like a break it's actually a path to higher learning, which is adulthood and career.

Still, for what is worth, we finished our degree, kudos to that. And to reward all of you, as well as classmates and Taylor's friends, I give you more food post in this fantastic and annoying blog.


Papparich, The Gardens, Midvalley:

Kampung Half Boiled Egg.

Steamy Otak-Otak.

Plain toasted bread.

And lastly, ice cold coffee with less sugar.

I wish all of you in my batch the best and if we meet again at work, make sure we reminiscence about the past we had in Taylor's and KDU.

Till then,

And most importantly, rest in peace Joash Wee.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

SS2, KTZ. The best snacking place

Finally the race to deadline has ended. All the sleepless night and constant worry is gone for good, at least for education.

But in the utmost importance, I would like to dedicate this food post to Joash Wee, of Taylor's College. He met an accident and died peacefully on Thursday, along with some of his treasured family members. I hope everything will work out for his family.

Still, for what is worth, Joash, I hope you have wifi in heaven. I not might be able to give you anything but the very least you still see with your eyes. I hope the following post get to put a smile on your face. Good luck on your journey!

Below are some of the top snacking dish in ss2, KTZ! Makan Makan Petaling Jaya!

The sinful and addictive, chicken boxing.

A not so popular silver fish fried rice with small ikan bilis and purple cabbage. Taste - 7/10.

Double boil salted and century egg porridge - taste as good as it sounds! - with crispy "Yau Cha Guai".

A icy cold refreshing combination of lotus root and Chinese red dates - Yummy!

And lastly for desert, we had "Pak Guo" and barley soup.

I will continue to source for good food until I've beat Penang's rank for best street food.

Till then,
Stay tune.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A drink from SS2 Tai Bei and a viking sandwich.

Arguably the finest papaya milkshake you can get in Petaling Jaya area and a wholesome Viking Salmon sandwich at Taylor's Norwegian Sandwich. But not so much for the sandwich though. It could have been better if more lettuce and asparagus was used instead of raw and spicy onions.

Papaya milkshake from ss2 "Tai Bei" - commonly found around Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Another variation of Norwegian's sandwich specialty - Salmon

Guess it right, I'm quite at ease now after finishing my Effective Communication assignment. Acting was not as fun as how it should be.

Till then,
Sweet dreams.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

A quicky update: Happy Birthday Patty!

It's really been a while seen I last blog. I had so much work and consideration to do that I literally had to shut off my daily habit of reading the newspaper. It's that bad.

Now that I retain some of my composure, I thought, maybe, it's time to put up a blog post... And here it is! My two cents worth, in the heart of the stressors I face at school (blogging from the library).

But most importantly, it is my girlfriend's, Patty's, birthday, June 2, this post is dedicated to her. Have a sneak peek on birthday cake.

There you go, a birthday well done!

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Patty on her recent winnings on Mint magazine. It makes watching movie fun again. But like always, she doesn't just walk away with a pair of tickets but a list of other attractive items.

Thanks you so much for making my movie day a reality. Even though we can buy it in the counter but winning it makes the whole event more meaningful.

As for today, we both shared a "meal of the day" at Dessert Bar. Super filling. We also had another birthday, thanks to our lovely classmates.

It's one hell of a meal for someone who already ate his lunch.

Most importantly, I hope she had a good time on her birthday. We prepared lunch, watch a movie, ate something at Senju Sushi and had a drink at Laundry Bar. Nothing too fanciful but surely something to remember for 2+3 birthday = 5. Hahaha!

Something we thought off, last minute, for lunch.


And a drink.

That's all I can write in this cold library. See you next time and have a pleasant evening.

Till then.