Saturday, June 19, 2010

SS2, KTZ. The best snacking place

Finally the race to deadline has ended. All the sleepless night and constant worry is gone for good, at least for education.

But in the utmost importance, I would like to dedicate this food post to Joash Wee, of Taylor's College. He met an accident and died peacefully on Thursday, along with some of his treasured family members. I hope everything will work out for his family.

Still, for what is worth, Joash, I hope you have wifi in heaven. I not might be able to give you anything but the very least you still see with your eyes. I hope the following post get to put a smile on your face. Good luck on your journey!

Below are some of the top snacking dish in ss2, KTZ! Makan Makan Petaling Jaya!

The sinful and addictive, chicken boxing.

A not so popular silver fish fried rice with small ikan bilis and purple cabbage. Taste - 7/10.

Double boil salted and century egg porridge - taste as good as it sounds! - with crispy "Yau Cha Guai".

A icy cold refreshing combination of lotus root and Chinese red dates - Yummy!

And lastly for desert, we had "Pak Guo" and barley soup.

I will continue to source for good food until I've beat Penang's rank for best street food.

Till then,
Stay tune.

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