Thursday, June 3, 2010

A quicky update: Happy Birthday Patty!

It's really been a while seen I last blog. I had so much work and consideration to do that I literally had to shut off my daily habit of reading the newspaper. It's that bad.

Now that I retain some of my composure, I thought, maybe, it's time to put up a blog post... And here it is! My two cents worth, in the heart of the stressors I face at school (blogging from the library).

But most importantly, it is my girlfriend's, Patty's, birthday, June 2, this post is dedicated to her. Have a sneak peek on birthday cake.

There you go, a birthday well done!

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Patty on her recent winnings on Mint magazine. It makes watching movie fun again. But like always, she doesn't just walk away with a pair of tickets but a list of other attractive items.

Thanks you so much for making my movie day a reality. Even though we can buy it in the counter but winning it makes the whole event more meaningful.

As for today, we both shared a "meal of the day" at Dessert Bar. Super filling. We also had another birthday, thanks to our lovely classmates.

It's one hell of a meal for someone who already ate his lunch.

Most importantly, I hope she had a good time on her birthday. We prepared lunch, watch a movie, ate something at Senju Sushi and had a drink at Laundry Bar. Nothing too fanciful but surely something to remember for 2+3 birthday = 5. Hahaha!

Something we thought off, last minute, for lunch.


And a drink.

That's all I can write in this cold library. See you next time and have a pleasant evening.

Till then.


  1. woohoo~~thanks baby~~love u..muacks muacks<3

  2. is okie for eat much since u went gym d marr..haha