Monday, June 21, 2010

Tea Time break at Pappa - Gardens

It's been three days since I submit the last assignment of my degree course. Some might think it's freedom, some might think that education has ended. But the truth is, learning is never over.

What might seem like a break it's actually a path to higher learning, which is adulthood and career.

Still, for what is worth, we finished our degree, kudos to that. And to reward all of you, as well as classmates and Taylor's friends, I give you more food post in this fantastic and annoying blog.


Papparich, The Gardens, Midvalley:

Kampung Half Boiled Egg.

Steamy Otak-Otak.

Plain toasted bread.

And lastly, ice cold coffee with less sugar.

I wish all of you in my batch the best and if we meet again at work, make sure we reminiscence about the past we had in Taylor's and KDU.

Till then,

And most importantly, rest in peace Joash Wee.

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