Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cheap and Good at Indulge

Eating cheap and dining at mamak stalls is not going to get her or any other body parts that you crave. If you want her badly, treat her and yourself to a nice luncheon at Indulge. All you need is a vehicle with sufficient petrol and RM 50 (+ RM 2 for parking) and you’re good to go. Optionally, you can also add another RM20 for a romantic movie, but maybe some other time.

For starters, get her the Tuna Pistachio. It comes with salad and soury sauce that matches the general taste preference for women. Moreover, the fish provides rich source of protein and vegetable for her daily needs without compromising her diet plans.

You however should not go on a diet and opt for the herb infused roast chicken. The presentations and meaty combination goes well with idea to impress and it doesn't portray too much of a small eater. Best of all, it comes with mouth-watering gravy and mashed potato ideal for sharing.

Remember, the set lunch is from 12pm to 3pm. If you have missed the time period, come another day or convince her to share a tea time platter with you. You still get your romantic moments in a picnic style of cookies, cakes and sandwiches all in one.

Indulge Restaurant
Tropicana City, 2rd floor.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Get your pop-corn ready!

If you enjoy a cup of tea over gossip girls and a physics book on prison break, then you’ll be happy that flash forward caters to those needs. In fact, there’s no series out there that puts you in such fear of knowing the future, to whom you’ll kill and to whom you’ll sleep with. After all, knowing is believing. Still, there’s no actual solution to the phenomena besides having to know that crows around the world blackout as well. The only real question is, why is it happening to humans and why is it happening now. FBI Mark Benford pull together his men in search for the anonymous person who stayed awake during the global blackout.

Starring Joseph Fiennes, John Cho, Sonya Walger and Jack Davenport.

Take your time and indulge yourself in an epic and mind blowing thriller on a lonely Friday night.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A little help coping with stress

Managing stress is all about taking charge, not merely controlling the situation but rather your emotions, your environment and the way you solve problems. Your main objective is to achieve a balance life with time to play, work and socialize, hence the ability to work under pressure and taking on new challengers face off.

Of course, it is easier said than done. To effectively manage stress, you'll need to identify the causes of your worries, be it in relationship or financial issue. Sure, you understand the constrains of tight deadlines but maybe it is your procrastination that made you feel the way you feel.

So ask yourself these few questions and see whether you match the following:

- Do you associate stress with hard work? (I work better under stress)
- Or perhaps take stress as some temporary, come and go situation.
- Or maybe blame the situation on some one else that may be the root of the problem.

If the three or other excuse matches your description then you should follow the simple instructions below. Remember, stress is no excuse unless you allow it to take the best out of you.

For starters, try writing down the main cause of your stress and be detail on how it affect you emotionally and physically. When you're done with that, jot down your responses towards the problem and the things you did that made you feel better. And when the bad times come again, reveal and follow your past achievements.

Just by doing that, you pass the first stage of stress management and you legally oblige yourself to take responsibility for your own actions hence looking at real solution to cope stress. After all, there's no one we can rely on other than ourselves and books (knowledge).

Remember the old school of thoughts: Be organized and be early. Most of the time, it is the simple time management that is lacking.

Till then,
Stay stress-free.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brace yourself for the father of all animation, Doraemon, in an epic, magical adventure in Green Planet with flying baseball caps, time capsule carpet, weird machines and best of all moving plants! Truly an ideal getaway for retro September.

Yes, yes, the show does not display cute and panties flashing romance but who will disavow with the almighty pocket on Doraemon's belly? Everyone would love a good dimensional door to spy on our missus's embarrassing moments, especially with Shizuka Minamoto. In fact, Doraemon can draw out a touch and zap you "small" anytime he wanted to.

But don't worry, Doraemon and his cronies are busy battling their way home from Green Planet for the arrogance of mankind's cruelty to environment.

So save the environment unless you want to see Doraemon die!

Ahhh, just watch your hentai and forget about the cute, blue, ears eaten by rat, cat or whatever.

5 September, GSC Cinema

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Motoralla's response to iPhone culture

Sure, everyone loves iPhone and other apple products but if you ask a geek, they'll tell you that Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) phones are much better for wifi, web browsing and data entry, hence value for money.

And if you are a fan of Window's, you'll no doubt enjoy the latest Window Mobile 6.5 that is engineered for your private video viewing (shhh..!) and porn surfing handy when the missus is not around.

In fact, the system is so identical to XP and Vista you won't need shits to master the phone and you can get down to business as soon as you purchase.

But unfortunately nothing is perfect, even amazing firmwares like Window's mobile can freeze and unexpectedly open an intimate video of you and your exes.

But seriously, it isn't the missus that caused the hyped of the iPhone culture. Movies and popular soap operas embeds iCulture to each of the main characters lifestyle, leaving wannabes in grief to follow their footstep, particularly on Gossip Girls.

If you have an iPhone it means you've signed up for some weird Maxis plan or worse, switching your service provider for Maxis. But your glory doesn't end there, in 2 months time, maxis present you with yet another to-die-for iPhone3GS with added features like video recording and MMS. We know that you like to keep memories of your exes but buying again is a huge waste of money.

But then again, it isn't entirely our fault. Advertising and promotion made us the way we are and as cliche as it sound, we can only learn from our mistake.

So why not give the latest Motorola device a chance? Not only will you experience the "new" factor for the next six month but also a compliment of both the functionality of an iPhone and a PDA, how thoughtful...

In fact, the silky back silhouette and sliding keyboard works accordingly to your qwerty keyboard fetish without having to strain your delicate fingers and mark your prints on the screen.

Here's a general view of the new android phone.

Your sincerely,

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Japan's most breathtaking animation, La Maison en Petits.

Halloween has recently haunt us in our beds but not as daunting as Tsumiki no Ie (2009) (The House of Small Cubes) that looks at several challenging moments in life we once took for granted.

The Oscar winning author, Kondo Kenji, planted his fear of old age in the video and visually narrates the ocean disaster that is yet to come. But what made that clip horrifying is the nostalgia behind the story. It looks at survival in its most basic form and continuously
reminded us about the glory of loosing one's love in mother nature's wrath.


The old man who struggles in life's most deadliest moment (isolation and loneliness) made his way to the top of the cube, leaving behind his precious memories beneath the depths of the sea. Thus living his few final years in his cherished secluded space called home. He was doing great initially until he drop his favorite pipe to the lower level of his heritage and hesitantly picked it up with the memories of his late wife. As he remain silent for that few seconds, he decides to roam the lower levels of his home to ferret out the life that he once had. Only when he reached rock bottom he realizes the hardship in life and how he managed to beat the others to the top. But still, he embraces what life has to offer and made full use of the remaining happiness harvested around him in the compliments of his inseparable wine glass and freshly grilled tuna (presumably).


So the morale of the story tells you that even the talented is vulnerable to loneliness.

Till then,
Enjoy the clip.
(I hope I'm not spoiling you mofos out there for posting such ingenious clip).

Part 1

Part 2