Monday, July 26, 2010

Despicable Me (2010) - A must watch!

I just watched Despicable Me (2010) and I think is by far one of the best animated 3D movie, better than Dragons. And I think, it's much better than Shrek.

In short, the movie all about a person trying to be the baddest and meanest thieve on earth while manifesting the characteristic of the most caring father.

It's quite emotion inclined towards the end, so girls, I suggest you prepare an extra packet of tissue. Not that I actually cried. I don't.

Well, I guess it's funny too.

Till then.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sickening Mondays

Like last week, I spent my entire evening at 1u, shopping and doing my internship assessment. Now that I forgot to bring my notes, hence unable to do my daily log, I thought, maybe I should start doing the main component of the assessment in the internship report, like company background and etc.

As much as I want to start doing the assessment, I can't. I can't because I can barely breath. This flu has definitely brought the worst in me. I tried exercising, drinking lots of water, pumping 1000mg of vitamin C, still, the flu, sore-throat and drowsiness remains.

damn it, really.

Well, at the very least, I can still enjoy good coffee and blog in places like Starbucks.

It feels good surrounded by books and magazine + coffee.

You guess it right, Boaders Starbucks at The Curve.

Till then.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Asam Laksa at Old Town WhiteCoffee

I had Asam Laksa in Old Town yesterday and surprisingly, it tasted quite good. It is very similar to the famous Penang Asam Laksa as it uses the same concept of blending fish meat into the broth.

It looks slightly different from your usual Asam Laksa. There's no pineapple too!

Till then,
Let me know if there's any other good eatery out there.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday is the new Sunday.

Today I took my time sipping coffee, looking through my internship assignments and bought a few stuff from One Utama. It's really strange at first as I usually work an study on Mondays but thanks to, Monday is now the new Sunday - only without the blustering crowd.

A simple and elegant, coffee of the day (and not your favourite too-much-sugar caramel frap).

Till then

Octopus predicts world cup - but maybe it was just hungry and decided to take the nearest bet.

It's been a tough week. I really need to plan my time properly and blog regularly, like how I used too. But anyway, here's a video you guys should take a look before the final fifa world cup around starts.

I wonder what will happen if the poor creature predicts wrongly? Maybe it will end up in a sashimi platter. They call it Chuka-irageh.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

Update: Internship

I've just started internship on the 29th of June and this is my first weekend. I've not able to take any good pictures lately but I'm not quitting just yet. Give me a little more time and I'll post some mouthwatering food photos by tomorrow.

But what I really wanna say on this post is, "good luck with your internship". I wanna remind all the friends and students from my batch that working is not as easy as how it looks on television.

We learn, we write, we speak at college, apparently it's not enough to perform what other experienced people are achieving. There is still a lot of learn about a company and their products and services that is not covered in our course. Even certain values, like perseverance, is merely explained and practiced in school. Meaning to say, we were babysit-ed by our lecturers. Life was too easy back then.

But what we can do now, is to put in more hard work and try our best to learn as fast as we can. After all, we are degree students and there are some level of excellence in order to pass the degree. We should be able to make a good impression through the hardship we went through studying and doing assignments without proper sleep.

I really hope that we can meet up again one day and reminiscent about old times and talk business like old-uncle in the coffee-shops.

Till then,
and Stay Tune.