Friday, November 19, 2010

Addiction in anything kills

I guess it is hard to stop doing the things you like to do. Once you start something, it's difficult to get out of the flow. Even though injuries other negative consequences take place.

But as the saying goes, do everything in moderation. Like it or not, I've reached the limit of my badminton addiction, as well as my craving for newer and better badminton equipment.

Not only did it strained my wrist, hurt my arm and damage some muscles on the shoulder/back area, the game contribute to most of my cost in my weekly allowances.

I really have to take it easy and play in moderation before it permanently destroy my chances of playing badminton.

I also need to stop drooling at Yonex Nanospeed 9900 racket because deep down I know the cost is mostly paid towards their promotional and advertisement initiatives.

Hopefully I'll able to manage my badminton game and not play every single day.

Till then

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

running away will never make you free

Life is nothing but changes. Some would be good and some would be bad. Without facing them head on, we'll never know what we get.

I've been living in my comfort zone all this while with my comfort food, comfort companionship, and endless support by people around me. But now, all of this privilege is starting to fade. What seem like a carefree lifestyle is ending.

Career demands, new time management, new perspectives in life, looking at positive side, working with limited supervision, growing older, loosing friends, loosing girlfriends, are some of the changes and challenges I face in this transitional period. It's difficult to adapt , yes! but certainly not impossible. It's just that I crave for instant result. A bad habit that I've yet to overcome.

I hope the new "life" that I'm stepping in fulfills my needs as how it was back in the good old days and not bring out the worst in me.

As for progress, I would personally like thank "J" (you know who you are) for giving me a head start in this whole mumbo-jumbo safe-transition plan. And I certainly hope we'll get to know each other better in the coming weeks.

Till then.