Sunday, January 31, 2010

Negotiation turn sour

Hilarious as it may look but some men considers knocking on their car a direct hit on their second wife. The boy, together with his friend, met an accident and exchange blows before they decide to report to the police.

It started during a busy and jammed rush hour along the highway and both labor cared nothing but their work after lunch.

But life is full of surprises, he and his mate never realize that accidents could bring out the worst in humans, because in front of him, is an angry Gen-2 owner.

And as a newbie in negotiation, he came out tough and provocative.

The old men, in his forties, gave him punishment for his mishap.

Grieving in pain, he hits back and a brawl started.

His companion and the angry old men's wife did little to stop the fight while on-goer vehicles slowed down to savor the dramatic scene.

The friend, a.k.a. movie director, instinctively took out his two megapixel video recording device and shot his friend in humiliation.

He chants in happiness during the fight and watch in fetish over is blood bath of both arrogant and childish men.

But soon enough the fight ended. Everything was recorded but for is worth, the old men has his daughter for comfort and the so called friend a.k.a. colleague, records the daughter like it was a sex scandal between his cousin and his neighbor.

Sad or stupid, one thing is for sure, I don't want a movie director as friend, I need a real friend.

Till Then,
No country for old men.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Online Sex Game

We’ve seen many adult and social website resulting to date rape and voluntary sex meeting but nothing has come as close to what 3feel have done to the online gaming scene. And for the first time in Asia, we finally have a porn-based-sex-only adult game.

Of course, it’s only virtual reality and not something that can be compared with real life, not to mentioned the pixalated box on the pirate parts.

But based on the snapshots of the game, you still get casual sex, doggy style and public sex in the LRT for what is worth.

Other than that, it comes from your imaginations.

But due to their lack consideration of ethic and religious believes, the game quickly got ban and the company looses everything they had on the game.

Still, there's no doubt that the company choose Malaysia first for beta testing over the Koreans and that's an honor. Prior to that, they even ban all Korean IP entering since the release date of the trial version.

Then again, if they have chosen a legitimate country that allows porn content, they could avoided the ban in the game, thus permissions and permits that were hard to get.

The thing that surprises me is the popularity of the game and gamers in this country.

I believe that the complications we have with issues regarding sex and premarital sex has caused the rise of such needs in the digital platform.

If we compare it with our counterparts (Japan and China), they are doing better and they do not need such material for social pleasure.

The best way is to face the problem and learn to accept it as a way of life, and not alter what god has engineered in us.

As you all know, the act of prevention only increases the urge and restriction only drive a person out of control.

Till then,
Think about it.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple tablet: a new trend in the digital market

It’s no longer a surprise to see new gadgets in the market but the problem is, Apple always take the lead. And for quite some time now, they launch a the new soon-to-be-obsession, Apple tablet.

The concept was first coined by Doctor Sam Hurst of Elo TouchSystem back in 1971, where he develop the first “touch sensor” during his lecturing days in the University of Kentucky. But sadly, no one saw the potential in creating a 100% touchscreen computer.

But Apple took the idea differently and develop a touchscreen tablet that specializes in surfing, e-reading, e-mail and instant messaging. On top of that, it comes with ready-to-download applications similar to the sister product, the iPhone.

Reasonably, it comes with Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB ram and nVidia GeForce 9400M graphic card for the price of a netbook, and as for gaming, it will beautifully support most of the mmorpg games available, only problem is, it doesn’t come with a keyboard.

Speaking of gaming, the machine compensate battery life for up 6 hours and 12 if you're easy on the gadget, which mean, rushing at 100th level would come handy.

Still, there are many alternative out there that tries to copy the idea before Apple's debut but alas, many have tried and failed.

Below are the initial responses from the competitive brands ever since the idea leaked.

HP Touch-Mini

Samsung Q1 Tablet

And today happen to be the official launch of the Apple Tablet.

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Enjoy the read.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mongolian treat

If you enjoy steamboat or simply craving for exotic meats, head over to Xiu Fei Yong (Little Lamb Restaurant) at Jalan Pudu and feast over the traditions of Mongolian's pass time.

To start it off, this special concoction comes with two unique selections of Ma Lad (Chili with Numbing effect herbs) and mix herbal chicken soup for choice. You can either choose one portion or mix both of them according to your taste.

And as soon as they served the hot plate, you can put in your toppings in without having to wait like other steamboat joint.

On top of that, the meat comes in paper-thin slices that ripens almost immediately when it touches the broth.

You can either go for the famous lamb slices or go with the all-rounder beef, chicken and pork.

At the same time, you'll also be spoiled by three different flavours of dips ranging from non-spicy to spicy. And if you're eager to take the road less visited, mix all, fermented bean curd sauce, sesame sauce and chili oil together for vibrant taste.

Still, there are other ingredients as well if you're not fond with meat. The bean curd slices (fu chook) and tofu goes just as good as meat in the two different soups.

And when you're burning out, cool down with ice cold almond drink or opt for a refreshing Chinese tea. No other better way to end the meal.

This meaty banquet cost you rm175 for five friends but heck, it's worth it. Good friends, good meat and good soup.

If it's possible, get a few close friend and savor the meal with lots and lots of beer.

Delicious Level: Very satisfying
Service: Not bad for China's nationality

Pictures from

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Have a nice day.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Useful read

No matter what the outcome might be, internet is still by far the best communication tool there is, whether is on-the-spot communication or blogging, there's nothing else that could render such diversity in mass messaging.

In this book, Six Pixels Of Separation, explains the good and the bad of social media and how the medium can be utilized on a global scale for promotions and sales.

The book also emphasize on the importance of community building and how individual participation could change the face of marketing and how products are perceived.

More importantly, whatever you do on the internet leave traces, known as digital footprints, that will forever be remembered. So be careful on how you deal with information.

Mitch Joel, the author of Six Pixels of Separation, started off as a journalist and later found himself running a company, Twist Image, which started off as blogging to today's digital marketing agency firm.

Explore a world without boundaries and take charge of the opportunity right in front of you.


Entertainment: 3/5
Information: 4/5
Overall: 3.5/5


Not bad for someone who knows nothing about internet business and students in IT and marketing field.

Till then,
Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alternatives from torrent downloads

With all the fuss about torrent downloads and searches for alternative website, why not try streaming for a change? At the very least, you are able to keep up with your show rather than to hang idle waiting for torrent site to perform miracles in the court room.

While anticipating their debut recovery, you can stream high demand TV series first in this few useful sites. But beware, the connection in Malaysia might take twice or thrice as long compared to our American and Europe counterparts.


Free-tv-video-online offers most of the popular and in-demand movies, such as Avatar, Dexter, Gossip Girls and Heroes. Best of all, the owner of the website pledges his/her support to free television program movement.

Overall, I'll give it 6/10, for its average video quality and awfully soft sound but it can be rectified with either a good pair headset or a decent speaker.

Below is a sample of Dexter's 1st season, episode 1 video clip.


Arguably the best streaming website but alas it only works with American IP addresses. Still, there are ways to work things around and right now the only thing I can think of is static IP. Setting it up could be a pain in the ass but if you have other easier to understand term do share it with all of us on the comment box.

Here's a sample of hulu's decent quality streaming.

Sadly as I observe other websites, particularly on SurfTheChannel and SideReel, where they connect you to a database of links, occasionally leads you to broken links despite having to click a few web links before knowing the defect.

And to name a few, season 1 gossip girls and season 1 24 are no longer in the database or my lack of focus in the cluttered website and link, so to rate these sites, it will be 3/10. At the very least, it served a common purpose of video streaming.

Aside from viewing webpages, there are also softwares that comes with video surfing almost as good as streaming and you probably heard of it, PPStream. It is a development from the Chinese counterpart to render movies and series from China, Taiwan and America.

Good thing about this is software is, you are not obligated to follow the time schedule on the television sequence and it offers a range of genre from Chinese to English soap operas, movies and animations, though it might not be the latest in some areas as in web stream but it still does the trick.

Take a look at the easy to use and hassle free interface (disregard the language barrier and the blank image on the player, it's only like that on print screen).

Here's a link to the half English and Chinese version.


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Monday, January 18, 2010

Clinic gone wrong or placebo therapy? You decide...

Just when everyone struggle to survive h1n1, a clinic in Kao-Hsiung, Taiwan, gave men or women a reason to get sick.

Unlike many doctors who employ old and haggard ladies as helpers, this clinic concentrate only on beautiful women as countermeasures against other clinics.

He even apply obscene pictures of his employees in his latest marketing campaign and publicly demonstrate his treatment methods along with his entourage of almost naked staff.

But amazingly, these girls are not just for show nor porn star, actress or model. They are qualified nurses in the medical industry.

The only mystery is how an average doctor like him obtain these many fresh faces.

End of the day, is just a career and not some fancy sex parlor you shit heads are thinking about. So yeah! Go get yourself sick and a plane ticket to Taiwan.

All photos and arrangements are courtesy of Gutteruncensor blog (

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Friday, January 15, 2010

T-Bowl (Toilet Bowl) Concept Restaurant

Credit to Se7ensins

IF you need something out of the ordinary and willing to temper your taste buds with unusual display, this restaurant will not disappoint.

The whole decoration of the restaurant derive from a simple bathroom concept from usual toilet bowl to the old fashion shower heads. And to make things more interesting, each toilet bowl seats and basin table are decorated different for various viewing pleasure.

But that doesn't stop there, the food and dessert also comes in unique miniature toilet bowl and bathtub.

Food enthusiast are also spoiled for choice in its divest variation of rice, baked rice, noodle, burgers, dessert and mocktails to suit each individual tastebuds.

But what make the restaurant special is the dessert ice cream, Donut Delight, that comes in a unique shape like no other.

Donut Delight: Credit to Se7ensins

Mango Sago

Coffee Chicken Wings

Volcano Spicy Chicken

Still, it is the set lunch that caught my attention for the simplicity of not having to crack my head on what to eat. And depending each week, there might be different combination of set meals at your choosing.


The founder, Samuel, came up with the idea on one of Anthony Wong's film, where a character played a scene sitting down on a toilet bowl having his meal. He also create animated character ,Tbros, (Toilet Brothers) as representation of his restaurant toilet utilities.

You will find T-Bowl in Queensbay Mall, Penang, and Sungai Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.

Food: 7/10
Concept: 8/10
Service: 7/10

Partner Examiner:
Patty Chia Pei Ting (Honey)