Friday, January 29, 2010

Online Sex Game

We’ve seen many adult and social website resulting to date rape and voluntary sex meeting but nothing has come as close to what 3feel have done to the online gaming scene. And for the first time in Asia, we finally have a porn-based-sex-only adult game.

Of course, it’s only virtual reality and not something that can be compared with real life, not to mentioned the pixalated box on the pirate parts.

But based on the snapshots of the game, you still get casual sex, doggy style and public sex in the LRT for what is worth.

Other than that, it comes from your imaginations.

But due to their lack consideration of ethic and religious believes, the game quickly got ban and the company looses everything they had on the game.

Still, there's no doubt that the company choose Malaysia first for beta testing over the Koreans and that's an honor. Prior to that, they even ban all Korean IP entering since the release date of the trial version.

Then again, if they have chosen a legitimate country that allows porn content, they could avoided the ban in the game, thus permissions and permits that were hard to get.

The thing that surprises me is the popularity of the game and gamers in this country.

I believe that the complications we have with issues regarding sex and premarital sex has caused the rise of such needs in the digital platform.

If we compare it with our counterparts (Japan and China), they are doing better and they do not need such material for social pleasure.

The best way is to face the problem and learn to accept it as a way of life, and not alter what god has engineered in us.

As you all know, the act of prevention only increases the urge and restriction only drive a person out of control.

Till then,
Think about it.


  1. bcoz those japanese can accept 3p, 4p and 5p..i saw a forum disscussing of it in malaysia and the couple can have sex up to 10p tgt..can u accept that??if everyone can den of course there is no issue of raping..but is that what we wish to c??

  2. changed content..just now not say lk tat de..yee..ppl comment d just changed de..die far far..

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