Monday, January 25, 2010

Mongolian treat

If you enjoy steamboat or simply craving for exotic meats, head over to Xiu Fei Yong (Little Lamb Restaurant) at Jalan Pudu and feast over the traditions of Mongolian's pass time.

To start it off, this special concoction comes with two unique selections of Ma Lad (Chili with Numbing effect herbs) and mix herbal chicken soup for choice. You can either choose one portion or mix both of them according to your taste.

And as soon as they served the hot plate, you can put in your toppings in without having to wait like other steamboat joint.

On top of that, the meat comes in paper-thin slices that ripens almost immediately when it touches the broth.

You can either go for the famous lamb slices or go with the all-rounder beef, chicken and pork.

At the same time, you'll also be spoiled by three different flavours of dips ranging from non-spicy to spicy. And if you're eager to take the road less visited, mix all, fermented bean curd sauce, sesame sauce and chili oil together for vibrant taste.

Still, there are other ingredients as well if you're not fond with meat. The bean curd slices (fu chook) and tofu goes just as good as meat in the two different soups.

And when you're burning out, cool down with ice cold almond drink or opt for a refreshing Chinese tea. No other better way to end the meal.

This meaty banquet cost you rm175 for five friends but heck, it's worth it. Good friends, good meat and good soup.

If it's possible, get a few close friend and savor the meal with lots and lots of beer.

Delicious Level: Very satisfying
Service: Not bad for China's nationality

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  1. yum yum..tofu and "kam zham ku"..hehe..but steamboat is alot for me..hehe..i like the 1st "siew fei yong" with u rmb??hehe..1st step forward to honey..