Friday, January 15, 2010

T-Bowl (Toilet Bowl) Concept Restaurant

Credit to Se7ensins

IF you need something out of the ordinary and willing to temper your taste buds with unusual display, this restaurant will not disappoint.

The whole decoration of the restaurant derive from a simple bathroom concept from usual toilet bowl to the old fashion shower heads. And to make things more interesting, each toilet bowl seats and basin table are decorated different for various viewing pleasure.

But that doesn't stop there, the food and dessert also comes in unique miniature toilet bowl and bathtub.

Food enthusiast are also spoiled for choice in its divest variation of rice, baked rice, noodle, burgers, dessert and mocktails to suit each individual tastebuds.

But what make the restaurant special is the dessert ice cream, Donut Delight, that comes in a unique shape like no other.

Donut Delight: Credit to Se7ensins

Mango Sago

Coffee Chicken Wings

Volcano Spicy Chicken

Still, it is the set lunch that caught my attention for the simplicity of not having to crack my head on what to eat. And depending each week, there might be different combination of set meals at your choosing.


The founder, Samuel, came up with the idea on one of Anthony Wong's film, where a character played a scene sitting down on a toilet bowl having his meal. He also create animated character ,Tbros, (Toilet Brothers) as representation of his restaurant toilet utilities.

You will find T-Bowl in Queensbay Mall, Penang, and Sungai Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur.

Food: 7/10
Concept: 8/10
Service: 7/10

Partner Examiner:
Patty Chia Pei Ting (Honey)



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