Monday, January 11, 2010

Penang's Street Food Journal

Words cannot describe how good the food is in Penang. In fact, you probably heard hundred and millions of elaboration and explanation from your family and friends already. Without further ado, let me show you some pictures that your talkative friend cannot describe accurately!


This delicious broil is mashed with a hands full of fish and is arguably the best Asam Laksa you can find in Malaysia. Most importantly, it is only RM2.80 to taste heaven.

The next dish however belongs to one of the ever popular snacks in Penang, Lo Bak, and for some reason they make the best of it, along with signature sauce that you don't exactly find in Petaling Jaya.

Even their curry is exceptional for its spices and cooking technique, not to mentioned pigs blood, but hell, it is one the boldest and bloodiest curry mee ever. Simply irresistible.

Still, it is the iconic Char Koay Teow that stands out in Penang, though it might look like any other Char Koay Teow, this one comes with pork cracker (zhi yao cha), large juicy prawn, squid and nature forbids, duck eggs. How can we even eat the other imitation outside of Penang?

In fact, even their Indian Rojak is bonafide good and to the locals (Panangite) it's known as Pasembur. Ironically, it was prepared by a Chinese and to compare it with famous Indian Rojak in PJ, this has one crazy super sauce and because I'm loyal to my location, I'll say PJ rojak is better! (my fingers cross =X).

For this beauty, I don't have a clue what is it, so for name sake, I'll call it unknown. The unknown dish has a range of fried stuff, like prawn cracker and everything nice! Call it whatever you like, just remember that there are many fried eatery out there that are not documented yet. And don't get confused, it is not Lo Bak.

On this picture lies the best fish head noodle despite the common understanding of milk and soupy fish head noodle we know. Strangely, it comes with dry bee hoon and crispy fried fish, and for some reason, it taste pretty good! Ignore the bread -_-" though.

In this dish are three kinds of sauces and for the first two, you guess it right, sweet sauce and chili sauce, never did it cross my mind that the third one would be prawn paste but damn! it is really good. who cares about Ipoh now? And btw, it's called Chee Chong Fun.

This two little fiery miniature stingray is commonly known as Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) and aside from the grilling, the sauce is one that captures the senses of a good eater. I say, 8/10.

This unusual dish sells during breakfast period but seriously since when Chinese Pancake be this good? Ohhh! the egg, butter and kaya. Truly an amazing feat.

For some thing as simple as Ho Jian (oyster) Penang still does it differently, for its oyster size , corn starch, to the egg used (I think is duck egg). You'll never eat any other copies after this experience.

Penang is also famous for Loh Mee and despite every other Loh Mee that you've tried, this is arguably the thickest and the boldest gravy ever existed for this dish. Really, it's too good to be true, RM 2.70. So damn good!

The original Chinese rojak (mix fruits with rojak sauce) is not to be missed as well. It comes with a variation of matching fruits (not like PJ/KL) and a really gooey sauce. And only the most committed rojak aunty will make her own sauce.

Oh! yes! Even best cendol award is taken by Penang, sorry Melaka. Look at the amount beans and other cravings inside! No wonder Penang wins again. Crap.

Another good dessert would be ice kacang (ice with a variation of complimentaries). It is a common sight in most of the coffee shop but none as close as this in PJ/KL. You'll get ice cream, 6-10 types of fruits, standard ice kacang sweet sauces and my favourite ah-tap-chi, oh lala.

Yes! Even mamak stall is idolize in Penang, ever heard of Line Clear? It is Penang's best nasi kandar and the most original of its kind, yum yum!

But still, it is the person you're with that makes the food delightful and that's me with my other half. Loving every moment of it. Cheers!

Till then,
Yours truly!


  1. just correct u..the loh mee is just rm2.30..hehe..remember i told u??haha..the pasembor not so nice coz u havent try the nice one in penang..we missed prawn mee and "pearl noodles",the long "yao cha kuai",tricycle,dinner at the beach..ferry..etc..><..hope can try it next time..and ur last u baby hubby..

  2. anyway, wer is other like the t-bowl??hehe

  3. T-bowl next post blek!

  4. I love the food, especially the Ho Jian, they
    were gigantic compared to PJ's. Cendol looked
    great too. Maybe next you ta pau for me. I want
    3 packets. Aunta has ta pau Asam Laksa from
    Penang before. Can't remember she drove or flied.