Friday, May 14, 2010

Update: Whine!

Damn! The assignment doesn't seem to end. When can I publish my recent fooding at Taylor's? Hehe..

Signing off.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Food at Taylor's 4th episode! The breakfast issue!

With only RM 10 in hand, you can still enjoy good breakfast at Dessert Bar with good coffee to jump start your day and healthy dosage of protein and salad.

Kudos! to early birds.

Sausage, egg and salad sprinkle with sweet and salty dressing, yummy.

Coffee of Day - P.S. I made the creative looking foam

And lastly , my girlfriends wholemeal egg sandwich

And best of all, it's only few steps away from the library with ample amount of table without having to share the sit with a hottie sitting next door.

Till then,
Signing off from the library.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Taylor's Food series,episode 3

Last time, we tired sandwiches and fish and chips from Norwegian Sandwich but today we are going for something cheaper. Something that allow s you to save athebuck without compromising your distinctive taste bud. And that lead us to the Taylor's group floor food court.

Below are some of the pictures of the food my girlfriend took.

Roasted Chicken Rice with Specialty Sauce.

There is more than just hawker food in the food court. If you must, go for the culinary food, it's cheap and good, prepared by the industrial learners in Taylor's School of Hospitality and Tourism.

Signing off.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Morning nightmare and wooes

Today, I woke up at 7.30am, I express my utmost regret in not tuning my alarm clock properly but normally, I would have made because it doesn't take long to drive to college. Today however, was slightly out of the usual norm, it was my debut morning to the first 8am class at lakeside campus. And things couldn't worse...

It may seem cool cutting several cars ahead and jumping queue to get to the main road (1km away from college) to Taylor's but never did I expect the traffic to stall at that point. I thought I made it to class on time really. I was these close to Taylor's until it stall for almost half an hour around the entrance. And since I wasn't guaranteed a car park inside, it decided to call it a day, and move on to my favourite breakfast, starbucks. After all, my next class is at 12. So what's the hurry I thought.

So I speed off to ss15, asia cafe, to get a parking spot and it turns out to be fully occupied. Sadden again, I made a huge turn around and gracefully made it to Subang Parade only to realize that starbucks open at 9, so I thought maybe it's the low level glucose in my head playing tricks with me. I don't know, it's just too much to deal with in the morning, having to cope with all this nonsense. All I wanted to do is to attend class or have breakfast and it seem to be the hardest thing to do.

Amidst everything, I sometimes thank god for everything since I did get my breakfast at Starbucks though I wasted a lot of petrol and time in the process, as well as my patients hehehe.

Huh?? disconnected? Fuck, did the post went through??