Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rough Start (2010) For Torrent Site

As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. Even Mininova will have to go one day and right now, their allegation stands as we speak. Whether they survive the trial or not, no one can really tell. The judge will have to make a critical decision that affects all other "sharing" sites and if it persist, we might even get a new set of definition for internet file sharing. But still, there will always be a paradoxical effect between sharing and copyright infringement. We must understand that our actions, or some would regard as loop holes in the distribution act, is ruining the industry but not to an extent of closing down the entire firm.

If you think about it, it isn't such a bad thing having torrent available to us really. It is our way (globally) to tell the industry that they are overcharging the product. And to relate it otherwise, even tangible goods are affected the same way. Sometimes it is really about working the issue around than to stop sharing/selling all over.

And for argument sake, sharing was never illegal. It was defined and perceive otherwise but unhappy happy, still rationally, sharing is never wrong, in fact sharing is caring. From the sellers point of view, it sounded more like commercialization issues than actual sharing but the fact is, torrents are free for everyone. On most torrent website per se, they are only taking advantage of the ratings and using the crowd for advertisement revenue.

This one of the things that happens in modernization and evolution of the digital era. We can either embrace it or deny it. For this law suit however, is denial. Firms must change their methods and explore a more diverse solution rather than to strip down the entire server...

>Mean while, as you all realize, has been reluctant to load and some of you might get popped that says, "Took too long to response, please retry later, busy and etc". It is not the ISP (internet service providers) fault or hardware disadvantages but the traffic congestion that was hampering the performance of the server.

And according to Freakbits, "eztv's will be up in no time", for what's worth, they knew that you and I are desperate for Flash Forward, Gossip Girl and any series of the like...

Still, there are alternative website that provides the same torrent services but as good as the original but worth the try.

But please don't download pornography from the alternative sides. Opps shouldn't have said that. Enjoy.

Signing off.....

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