Monday, January 18, 2010

Clinic gone wrong or placebo therapy? You decide...

Just when everyone struggle to survive h1n1, a clinic in Kao-Hsiung, Taiwan, gave men or women a reason to get sick.

Unlike many doctors who employ old and haggard ladies as helpers, this clinic concentrate only on beautiful women as countermeasures against other clinics.

He even apply obscene pictures of his employees in his latest marketing campaign and publicly demonstrate his treatment methods along with his entourage of almost naked staff.

But amazingly, these girls are not just for show nor porn star, actress or model. They are qualified nurses in the medical industry.

The only mystery is how an average doctor like him obtain these many fresh faces.

End of the day, is just a career and not some fancy sex parlor you shit heads are thinking about. So yeah! Go get yourself sick and a plane ticket to Taiwan.

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