Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alternatives from torrent downloads

With all the fuss about torrent downloads and searches for alternative website, why not try streaming for a change? At the very least, you are able to keep up with your show rather than to hang idle waiting for torrent site to perform miracles in the court room.

While anticipating their debut recovery, you can stream high demand TV series first in this few useful sites. But beware, the connection in Malaysia might take twice or thrice as long compared to our American and Europe counterparts.


Free-tv-video-online offers most of the popular and in-demand movies, such as Avatar, Dexter, Gossip Girls and Heroes. Best of all, the owner of the website pledges his/her support to free television program movement.

Overall, I'll give it 6/10, for its average video quality and awfully soft sound but it can be rectified with either a good pair headset or a decent speaker.

Below is a sample of Dexter's 1st season, episode 1 video clip.


Arguably the best streaming website but alas it only works with American IP addresses. Still, there are ways to work things around and right now the only thing I can think of is static IP. Setting it up could be a pain in the ass but if you have other easier to understand term do share it with all of us on the comment box.

Here's a sample of hulu's decent quality streaming.

Sadly as I observe other websites, particularly on SurfTheChannel and SideReel, where they connect you to a database of links, occasionally leads you to broken links despite having to click a few web links before knowing the defect.

And to name a few, season 1 gossip girls and season 1 24 are no longer in the database or my lack of focus in the cluttered website and link, so to rate these sites, it will be 3/10. At the very least, it served a common purpose of video streaming.

Aside from viewing webpages, there are also softwares that comes with video surfing almost as good as streaming and you probably heard of it, PPStream. It is a development from the Chinese counterpart to render movies and series from China, Taiwan and America.

Good thing about this is software is, you are not obligated to follow the time schedule on the television sequence and it offers a range of genre from Chinese to English soap operas, movies and animations, though it might not be the latest in some areas as in web stream but it still does the trick.

Take a look at the easy to use and hassle free interface (disregard the language barrier and the blank image on the player, it's only like that on print screen).

Here's a link to the half English and Chinese version.


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  1. it's so complicated, i prefer PPS chinese version so i can watch it when i bored. but cinema is the best anyway coz can watch n eat popcorn with someone i love.hehe

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