Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brace yourself for the father of all animation, Doraemon, in an epic, magical adventure in Green Planet with flying baseball caps, time capsule carpet, weird machines and best of all moving plants! Truly an ideal getaway for retro September.

Yes, yes, the show does not display cute and panties flashing romance but who will disavow with the almighty pocket on Doraemon's belly? Everyone would love a good dimensional door to spy on our missus's embarrassing moments, especially with Shizuka Minamoto. In fact, Doraemon can draw out a touch and zap you "small" anytime he wanted to.

But don't worry, Doraemon and his cronies are busy battling their way home from Green Planet for the arrogance of mankind's cruelty to environment.

So save the environment unless you want to see Doraemon die!

Ahhh, just watch your hentai and forget about the cute, blue, ears eaten by rat, cat or whatever.

5 September, GSC Cinema

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  1. ok baby..i noe u wan watch this..we wil watch soon k..haha