Sunday, June 27, 2010

Illegal downloads and latest anime/movies and etc

I didn't really have much to eat now a days and with my girlfriend sifting houses, I don't really have the energy to blog. What I can do is, maybe, I can update you with some of the leading torrent animes, such the latest release of bleach and naturo, and where to get them.

Fret not, I'll even teach you how the software and downloading works.

Till then.


First Step:
Download utorrent from

Second Step:
After installing the software, download torrents from (Latest naturo, bleach and other anime), (latest American series) and (pretty much everything from porn to your neighbors leak pictures).

And for the last step:
Keep your computer and router on until the download completes. And if you can, set your router settings and utorrent settings (under option and enable upnp)

Hopefully, you'll find watching illegal movies a bliss after this.

If you have any confusion, issues or suggestion of better p2p software and torrent sites, please don't hesitate to message me at the chatbox or the commentary below.

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