Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Murdered or Mishap?

La Toya Jackson, MJ’s sister, expressed her need for a thorough investigation after finding out the benefits of her brother’s death.

She believed that MJ’s success and wealth made him a tempting target for fraud. Moreover, she found out that roughly 2 million dollars worth of jewellery was taken after his death.

She also announced that she was well aware of the people who aggravated his death on June 25 and vowed to see them brought to justice.

Interestingly, she claimed that Michael Jackson was pressured to perform in London even after several refusals.

Her comments came two days after Michael’s father blunt statement of “foul play,” during the guardianship procedure of his two children to his ex-wife.

However, the key hearing over the custody of the children delayed a week after recent talks, giving Michael’s 79-year-old mother additional time with the children.

Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, told ABC News that he was dumbfounded when he learned that his son collapsed and rushed to the hospital.

“I find it difficult to believe the incident. I do believe it was a foul play. I do believe that,” he said, with no further explanation.

Courtesy of TheStar.com

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