Friday, July 10, 2009

Honouring The King of Pop

The wrath of the King ended and departed after ministering a series of problems in the early 90s.

The first problem that significantly turned his life upside down was the alleged child abuse scandal. Almost immediately, the recording company dispel his contract leaving him idle for a very long time.

But even though the accusation reached the ears of the public, fans around the world still endorse his success as the most prominent artist in the music industry.

His album, Thriller, remains the world best-selling album of all time, while his other four albums rank's top in the list.

Even though he was well respected for being an excellent entertainer, he’s child sexual abuse scandal gradually brought out the worst of him.

Not only did he find it difficult to walk around at home (paparazzi), his panel of lawyers resorted to possible mental illness declaration as his last form of defence.

But thankfully, the judges decided to set him free after finding something amiss within the collected evidence. And from then on, there were no leads to his accusations.

When the controversy finally ended, health problems quickly took charged and left him in a serious financial crisis after spending millions on his bail.

He also made difficult choices to auction out his most prized Marvel and DC comic characters to the public in order to make ends meet. His trusted manager on the other hand attempted to leave him during his darkest hour.

But that wasn’t his biggest problem. He announced his poor childhood moments on The Opera Show in the early 90s and thoroughly explains how his father instil fear and loneliness in his life.

In the show, he states that his father’s action has caused years of trauma in his life and he constantly cried in his dad's presents.

Because of that, he made initiative and founded an organization called, Heal the World Foundation, and donated over 300 million dollars to charity centres affiliated to his company.

When he finally got through everything, he fell gently on the floor looking upwards to his children and left the world with his outstanding track record in charity and unbeatable album sale.

We miss him terribly

In Memory's of Michael Jackson, the greatest artist of all time.
(sorry mj, i suck big time in obituary)

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