Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a lost to the selfish living

The talented and strong Yasmin Ahmad past away after losing the fight against a deadly stroke.

"It is safe to assume that we won't find anyone quite like her,"

“Not to mention the adverts with racial values,” Darren said.

It was Rebun 2002 that made her famous (her first movie), where she won crucial awards that open the Malaysia’s movie market to the international scene.

Critics from all over the world were also pleased with her work and wrote rewarding comments to show their appreciation.

She's known for her philanthropic imagination and anti-racial perspectives, in which some would regard as mission impossible.

But she's no newbie to the human behavior, she majored in psychology and witness a good amount of grief before coming up with those ideas.

Though it might be a way to earn a living, her movies portray the necessary values that is currently lacking in the society.

She constantly takes us back in time and allow us to once again embrace the good and the bad times.

Among those films are Sepet and Talentime.

Even though she had the best intention in mind, she couldn't satisfy everyone.

There are people out there that regard Sepet as inappropriate and insensitive to racial integration.

Well, if a person understands the movie, he/she will know the importance of unity, but, if a person sees it the wrong way, who knows what fantasy he/she could be thinking of.

But no matter what, values such as these takes time to work its magic, and thus far, it has changed the mindset of many. At least it changed mine.

“The most significant improvement I notice was the need to provide a better environment for all races to live in” Darren adds.

Strangely, it only took a small effort of Yasmin to promote racial awareness, who knows what she's capable of doing in the next production.

One thing for sure, her take on Petronas has put the old at ease and the young at bay,and "we will never see anything quite like that anymore," Darren.

While most of us are shocked in her sudden departure, this is what she said before she leave,

“I don’t mind talentime being my last movie,” she said.

And ironically, it really became her last movie.

In memories of Yasmin Ahmad, a fighter in the cruel world

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