Saturday, December 5, 2009

What I've been doing?


Like all other students out there, we are probably having a nice time now without assignments or exam pulling our legs.

And unlike some who chooses to enjoy, I took the liberty and got myself a learning opportunity at Warner Music Malaysia and amazingly, in the first two weeks, I found some really depressing issues about the music industry. I fear that music might one day be extinct.

With YouTube and Torrent downloads rampant on the internet, we can now listen to music without having to buy CDs. Car accessories are no child play either, they too install convenient USB hubs to accommodate mp3 and wma audio files.

Unless, you come from a background with very little technology, I can't see a reason why you fail to download music like anyone else. Hail to TMnet and other internet service provider.

The thing is, label companies, took hours of promotion, collaboration and nurturing of local and international artist to give us what we have on Torrents and Limewire today. If we continue to download without control, we're probably see the extinction of music, faster than sharks and orang utans. And judging by the addiction of illegal downloads, torrent will soon put a price in every download.

If that's the case, why not contributing to the original music industry instead? There's no valid reason why hackers should earn your money. I know that CD's are expensive but if our attitude don't change, we might be responsible for destruction of music. And yes, I agree we can't live without illegal downloads but we still purchase original once in a while, with a balance for both pirated and original. With only a small effort of buying the CD's you really love, will brighten our day in label industry thus putting a smile in your favorite artist.

Before we press the download button, think of ways to get the government to reduce taxes for imported CD. With the correct influence and petition, we can demand for cheaper CDs.

But no matter what, there's always promotions and discounts available for us, especially on this month of giving. And so happen there's Warner and EMI cheap CD campaign.

It is the little effort and commitment that keep the music industry running and fret not, your contribution is not wasted. If things go well for the industry, you can be reassured that we (labels) will force your favorite artist to produce more hence better music.

Till then,
Bon Voyage blog reader,
A community service article by me.

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  1. in that case den u shouldnt't download any music a sample for ppl...can u??haha