Friday, December 18, 2009

Horrors in temporary jobs

I’m in the midst of self discovery and other potential alternative in career. There are certain areas in life that I’m yet to find out. After all, we can only see and hear what other people do, which could be accurate or inaccurate depending on each and every individual interpretation.

For that, I instinctively disseminate my resume massively hoping to lay my hands on a writing position but alas, it didn’t went according to plan and everyone had sufficient left over to run December issue.

But since I persist, an editor from Clive, quickly forwards my information to Warner Music Malaysia. And to my surprise, they called almost instantaneously for an interview.

Sadly, I was only half prepared during the interview and I forgot to ask two important questions before I agreed working with them. And like any other people, I assumed my job scope with the confidence and trust from an editor/writer since he knew how much I wanted writing.

But unfortunately, I wrote nothing and interviewed no one and spend most of my time indoor doing what adults hate to do, packing, printing, cutting and filing. Eventually, I do get to go out but it wasn’t for an interview or to pester someone but to dispatch items around, since every company has a staff that runs errand like that. And with me being new, I acted as the pawn that any bosses need as dispatch.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, I’ll send my people over,” said with a grind. I got up from my uncomfortable executive chair, collect the items and rush to the mapped destination.

When I finally reach the place, after hours of traffic congestion and car park hassle, I hand over the package and it went swiftly without a hint of gesture that I might take a name card from his/her assistance.

From there, I begin to realize my job scope and gotten a bigger picture of what I’m supposed to do. And more importantly realize that how wrong I was to assume the interview.

Still, I persevered and continue doing my daily task of packing, scanning, printing, cutting and replying unimportant emails on their behalf. It was tolerable until one day my efforts was unappreciated.


That was the time when I was told to pay Astro a visit for a few deliveries. I panic for a second and told him that it will be better if I courier the items over and pointed the fact that I’m not familiar with the route but he insisted on sending it anyway.

So I took the liberty to learn the road from my father and reached Astro without too much problem aside from getting honk now and then for last minute swirls due to my lack of alertness in the new journey.

And as clumsy as I always were, I drove into the premise without realizing that only employees are allowed to enter.

Though the journey was rough with bits and bytes everywhere, I still manage to reach the lobby without wasting too much time.

But that day wasn’t my lucky day. It rained heavily and I was stuck in Astro until my higher up begin to suspect my adequacy and texted me several time to come back.

When I got back, I did the usual things that an office boy will do and leave when 6.30pm came but it was no easy feat. Every time I try to leave, I’ll get a quiz on things that I’ve done with suspicions that I slack during working hours and also the intimidating aura that suggest “don’t go back if your work is not done”.

Even said so, I was still confident to leave because everything I was doing wasn’t even close to the actual operations in the office. Besides, I’m only doing things that other people hate doing as a senior.

Still, my level of tolerance is safe but I begin to build up a rebellion force inside me and sometimes I just wanted to retaliate.

On the next day, I begin embracing life as it is and begin accepting little task that was told relevant to the media. And today, I got a few boxes with 200 CDs each to be sent to 26 radio studio nationwide.

Never did I think that I was expected to finish the packing by end of the day until I receive a sounding/remark despite having strain my hands the whole day. Further, I don’t usually leave at 6.45, most of the time I leave slightly later.

I got home feeling angry and tendered my resignation the next day. Little did I expect that temporary job/Internship could be this streeful.

So I urge enthusiast out there to ask your employers two very important questions I left out.

-What exactly am I going to do?
-What are my working hours?

By getting the answers to those question, they will be oblige to fulfill what they have promised you and not simply asking you to perform errands that others kill to do. Best of all, if you don’t like what they propose, you can just find another temp. job.

Signing off,
To life and trouble free temp. jobs!


  1. my baby hubby..don't worry..altho not beside honey..but will support honey de..repay u back when i meet u u much

  2. However, the experience you gained is valuable.
    Always ask the 2 questions and be specific...
    Hope you will find something better next time.