Monday, October 26, 2009

Nostalgic movie experience

Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) recently hosted the annual Latin-American film festival with promising Latin movies for four days straight. Among the popular and award winning films are Cronicas, The Good Life and The Snail Strategy. All equally intrigued and meaningful.

Unfortunately, the event was too short and it didn’t really capture the desired movie-goers, aside from being RM 5. In fact, there were almost or no trailer at all for those limited time movies. That means you'll have to risk your time, money and petrol for the movie.

Having said so, I took the risk and bought a pair of tickets to the last session of Cronicas and I was really excited since I traveled all the way to 1U at 1pm for a 7.15pm small cinema movie.

It might be a little crazy since it's only a movie but I'm starting to appreciate foreign shows for its cultural and ethical differences. But still, it was YouTube's trailer that got me hooked to the show.

Despite the anticipation, the trailer (above) was the closest I got to the movie. And sadly, GSC no longer air the show.

Here’s what happened at the GSC 1U.

6.45pm – Rush to Patty’s place (Shit! I might be late.)
7.00pm – Hi baby! (kiss kiss on cheeks, yay!)
7.10pm – Found a car park at 1U and glared the on coming cars with my telepathic "sucker" stare.
7.12pm – Bought lite and sweet pop corn because caramel is distasteful like your morning breath (yuck!)
7.15pm – Ahhh, cinema 5!
7.20pm – Ehh, where’s the advertisements? Where is everyone?
7.25pm – (Honest auntie beside us) Boy! Can you ask them if they are airing the show? Oh ok, right.
7.30pm – Sorry ah! Movie cancel, we will refund your movie and give you free voucher, so sorry!

Even though we didn't get to watch the movie (sadly), GSC staff made sure we went back with full refund and 4 complimentary passes.

And almost instantaneously, we redeemed the next show for rebellion. The gangster flick was intense and gruesome at the same time, good for people who miss Young and Dangerous.

So end of the day, I had my excitement but it was nostalgic at first because the refund and complimentary came as a surprise (at least, to me).

But no matter what, I'm still determined to watch Cronicas but I'm sure it won't just drop from the sky. If you happen to linger in the DVD stall looking at porn DVDs and stumbled over that show, please by all means drop a comment.

Thanks for reading and good bye,
I owe it to your sorry ass.


  1. u damn swt ppl auntie..LOL..

  2. walao~~ the movie trailer good lor..
    got attact me!! damn it!! why u didt find me go!!

  3. u at cyber larr..somemore decide very late..haha..just knew last day ma go lorr..who noes cancel..