Friday, February 5, 2010

Go organic this valentine

True, Chinese New Year and Valentine don't come together very often but with all the effort done to contained plastic usage and earth hour around the corner, there's the guilt every time you step in that meat shop, so on behalf of the animals that get slaughtered everyday, I suggest that you and your partner should go green this festive season. And fret not, I know just the perfect place for you, Green Meadow.

Not only do find organic a stand out in this restaurant, it also serve up a variety of fermented beans and roots that no other vegetarian joint does. With that in mind, you'll get sushi inspired cabbage wrap, miso infused rojak and mix vege with charcoal brown rice.

Cabbage Wrap


Mix Vege served with Charcoal Brown Rice

As for beverage, you will find a selection of soothing teas that are both thirst quenching and stomach friendly, especially when you over indulge like me.

Unknown black tea PS: I forgot the name!

As for the result, this is one spanking good health environment.. bla bla bla, it's 9/10. There isn't much to say really, just try it for yourselves.

Hi! Cabbage Roll very very nice ah!

Till Then,
Go Green!

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  1. LOL..the cabbage is really really nice and refreshing but the ugly..=<