Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY visits!

Just as the spirit of Chinese New Year diminish among adults and older generation, we, unmarried folks however still find the culture a blessing for its extra allowance given via red envelop. But seriously, is money the only thing special about ang pao's? No.

The believe derive from Chinese and East Asian societies where the color red wards of evil and attract good fortune and luck to the receiver. That is why we see red packets distributed in wedding and death ceremony. It doesn't bound you to when and where and who you should give aside from the common belief where the married gives to the unmarried.

More importantly, the amount money does not signify anything with the celebration but rather a token of appreciation. In other words, you bring home protection and luck after visiting.

But as the culture continually practiced, people started to assume the number "8" in the each ang pao (RM8, RM88 and etc) where it is believe to bring wealth from the cantonese word "fat", pronounce as "farrr-aaart".

On the bright side however, the culture of giving luck and protect spread across to our islamic counterparts as well, only with the change in name to duit raya and the usage of the color green that represent their religion's color.

Of course, for people like YOU, you only care about the money inside and not what the beliefs are in those red envelop since you dispose of it so quickly but what makes it sad is when you call green packet cheapskate because it's so obvious that you forgotten that we are all from the same envelope given culture. Arrogant prick!

Till Then,
Happy snitching ang pao.

*** Hopefully you wouldn't abandon my blog for my lack of attendance. I'll be at Penang until Sunday, 2o February. Thank you again for supporting my bullocks. ***

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  1. haha..i don care angpow oso..therefore this year only get 10 ang pows..coz din go any visit..haha