Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reflection of 2009/CNY greetings.

It's a rather quiet CNY (Chinese New Year) this year. You don't see aunties reveling in trolley charts with tons of unnecessary things anymore or an unexplainable long queue in supermarket. Needless to say, everyone is caution with their spending habits.

For me however, it's pretty much the same every year, only a little quieter this year. I used to have my friends around for CNY celebration from my college and high school counterpart but since they have all moved on with their lives to further studies or work, I have only the poor or unfortunate locally bred and studied friends in my repertoire (I'm one of them).

But don't get me wrong, I'm merely stating the facts and not discriminating the poor/average income group, just that sometimes, I, like you, misses the old days where we gamble, drink, party and collect endless amount of ang pao's from you folks (parents) out there.

As the saying goes "all good things must come to an end" and that includes your friends and family. Like my close friend, Yong Siang, he lost his father late 2009 from a tragic heart attack and I sympathize much to how reunion/family dinner will be without him around.

Sometimes, it's just hard to ignore certain situation cause just like me, my dad is only one year older than his, so to some point, it gets me worried sometimes.

Still, we must look forward and not dwell over the unchangeable past, as ugly as it may be. And like how I mentioned earlier , All Good Things Must Come To An End, mustn't be misunderstood. What I mean is, try to think pragmatically and critically in that phrase particularly on the word things because it is more than meets the eye. Meaning, it could be reverse and utter as, All Bad Things Must Come To An End, which is what Chinese New Year is all about, a new beginning.

I seriously hope that you people out there are doing great cause I know I am since I got people who love and miss me out there and please please go visit your friends.

Happy Chinese New Year.

PS: I accept foreign, stranger, alien, whoever's ang pao's via e-mail and courier.

Ok enough crap,
Have a good holiday,
See you in reality,

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  1. don't worry, be happy..i will stay beside honey..lalala..muacks