Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nasi Lemak on the go!


As we arrive, loud and enthusiastic staffers quickly usher us to their designated stall and chanting recommendation aloud to our confused mind but alas, we took two packet of nasi lemak leaving them disappointed to rejection and discretion to what life has to offer. But for the most part, the drinks seller gets the best out of us.

Not only did we order cold drinks from them, we added a set of half-boiled egg as side dish to our nasi lemak.

But later on we notice two different nasi lemak packets, one with red fonts Nuri and one with the blue fonts (sorry I forgot the name).

We debate quietly and decided to try both of them and regrettably only one passes our close examination.

And Here's The Verdict:

The pack with the red fonts, Nuri, has better sambal as it concentrates more spiciness rather than the actual sweetness of most commonly prepared sambal. And just like any standard nasi lemak, it has boiled eggs, peanuts and anchovies.

The blue pack on the other hand is somewhat similar to the ingredients but lack the whoom on the sambal as it tasted sweet and not the actual chili-based sauce that we're looking for.

So I suggest that you go according to your chili endurance but if you trust me, go for Nuri.

PS: ignore the cold ones, ask the lady to prepare a new one for you if you can't find the hot once.

Here's some photos we took:

Nuri Nasi Lemak

Half-Boiled Eggs

Not so good otak-otak

Up to par Milo Ais Kao and Teh Ais

If it hasn't for her, I would have categorize the sweet nasi lemak as the one being feature on the magazine. Owe you big time honey!

To find this mamak:

Head over to Jalan 222, near AmWay building. Cheers! It's not too difficult to spot, is the only food court around the area.

Till then,
More food and gadget next post,
Good luck!

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  1. u has confused, the pack with the red words is "yati" nasi lemak panas and the blue one is from "nuri".
    FYI, i didn't order milo ice KAO comes with so KAO..hehe..
    anyway, it was nice and i had 2 packs with u u much..muacks