Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Worrisome Culture

I encounter something different today from my usual routine of gym, reading, movies and more reading. A lady, in her mid 50s approached me today with a notion of advice belief to be enlightening but sounded rather nostalgic in the end.

She expresses her grief in the country's political crisis and mishap of tax payers money to a point that she forgets about the truth behind each accusation. I mean, it's not wrong to make such remarks but since the matter is at an investigative level, why make assumptions? For example, the Jet Engines case and the death of Teoh Beng Hock. Let the authorities do their job. If they make a mistake at the accounts to please you, will be responsible for the collateral damage? Ask yourself that question.

It is really upsetting to see how matured adults absorb information sometimes because we tend to take the media too seriously and very often scrutinize the good part of every news and grin at every bad outcome, particular to the party that we dislike.

Even though situation sometimes demands the obvious, we can't deny the very aspect of protecting oneself when it comes to life, regardless of innocent or guilt, take Teoh Beng Hock case for example.

Who with the right mind will sit there and do nothing while the gallows is waiting for them? Is simple ignorance really when it comes to speculating that the whole scenario is setup, delay etc.

But that doesn't stop there, even the Prime Minister gets "eggs on the face" when something goes wrong in the defense ministry, just because he lead a group barbarians in the past. Look back on Altantuya case you'll see mix reaction from the crowd and it all boils down to one fact, the ministry of defense leader. It's sickening to see people drown themselves to the obvious.

True, big tycoons and high ranking politician get away with murder in movies but that doesn't happen very often in real life is it? How can we go on complaining about press rights while we humiliate ourselves with endless assumption upon given information? Don't you think is taking rights for granted?

I suggest that we learn from our mistakes and carry on a more critical and pragmatic way of life instead of baseless accusation and assumption. Understand comments as comments and accepts facts as facts.

By then, who knows, issues of transparency could be a thing of the past, and maybe bloggers will no longer be locked up behind bars.

Kudos! freedom!
Till then.

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  1. sure the authorities will do their job if no one push them too..malaysia..haih..Corruption larr