Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Second Trip to Penang

Food has never been an issue in Penang; one can get good food by just following the masses. But with poor understanding of the local dialect, one could end up ordering the wrong food or worst, lost in the clutter city of Penang.

No, I wasn't serious. It's just that sometimes as Chinese, you want to blend in with the other Chinese and knowing Mandarin is simply not enough. Somethings are learned through cultural background.

Still for what is worth, enjoy the pictures below.

Another famous Loh Mee in Penang but not as good as the one I wrote on my first trip.

An all rounder Loh Bak, unless he/she can't speak Hokkien then the food is bad.

It might look like any ordinary Lok Lok but the price and variety defers greatly from what we have in PJ/KL. Take prawns for instance and you'll get lai liu har.

Black glutinous rice soup. Rare, intense and delicious. Nothing like a splash of coconut milk. It's not red bean though.

And if you something even better, try their white glutinous rice soup. It's sweeter and creamier.

Bitter-god stir fried with egg. Compliments to the famous dish below.

A clear soup that taste like Tomyam with fish meat and hor fun. Soury and flavorful despite its clear color.

ABC, one of the things I ordered while waiting for the unprecedented one hour char kuey teow.

And then it came. Large prawn, skewy "si ham" and creamy flavour. No complains.

Cheap and famous Apom. Only 30 cent per piece. Never increase in price ever since.

It might look simple but when you grab it out of the plastic bag, it releases an aromatic flavour leaving you wanting for more. Kudos to the bananas.

Penang Rojak. Not too sweet, not too sour, not too spicy. Simply irresistible and slightly on the healthy side.

Hainanese very own western cuisine, the remake of gorden blue.

Cream of mushroom. Nothing too spectacular.

Clean and refreshing taste of grilled fish. No unwanted flavouring or ajinomoto added.

Probably the most seductive Ice Kacang I've ever tasted.

Compliments to that, this is also another weird Indian Mee Goreng prepared by a Chinese Hokkien lang.

Even weirder, he excels in Mee Rebus as well. Gee...

The best cendol in Penang. Better than the one from setiawan and melacca. Sad case.

Restaurant on sandy beaches. No further information will be shared.

And after smooching and hugging, we bought this weird corn. Good marination though.

Just when I thought Wai Sek Kai's Ling Chee Kang was the best. I was wrong.

And strangely, this cocoon like dish came and now I obtain a new favorite, "Kuey Chiap". Very very skewy and yummy. Served with duck meat.


After tasting the best of Penang, I was fortunate enough to experience my girlfriend's cooking for the first time.

Indomee special

Bee Hoon soup sayur campur special.

And breakfast Set A + 2 special.
Thanks honey!

Really, at the end, it is the people you are with that matters and not the luxuries behind it. Even if you have a million dollars behind you and no one to share it with, it's useless. And that does not include whores where you purchase on the streets.

Till then
Happy Holiday!

*** forgive me for not including the exact name and location. i don't remember!***

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  1. cute cute bao bei u larr..
    but the 1st one is just instant mee....starving at morning so wei qu honey have to eat tat 1st before breakfast..
    the fish noodle is reall serious cook for baby d..but bao bei put so many fried garlic on it, thats y it looks ugly on the msg added..whole fish and many vege..haha..
    btw, the person is indian who can speak hokkien larr..penang many indian can speak hokkien de..make my honey shocked and dono how to reply when ordered the food..hehe..come, kiss kiss back..muacks..