Tuesday, March 2, 2010

First college semester of 2010

After a month working and another month cultivating good habits, the semester finally starts. And since it is the last semester, I’ll have internship next and god knows what after that.

By right, I should be doing my internship now since I enter with a diploma but I wasn’t as fortunate as Taylor’s diploma program as they undergo a mere one and half year while I had two solid years.

Still, for what is worth, I get extra opportunity to learn and it could be a blessing in disguise, now that I realize, I have a basic performing art class, effective communication (EC), which most of my seniors didn’t go through.

Not only that, I can also take this time frame to consider what I want in life and jump into an industry half-prepared and hamper myself of coping.

But nevertheless, I hope this will be good final semester since I won't exactly be touching education anymore after this. I rather learn things the hard way and with the help of reading materials and lots of book. Yes, I love reading.

Till Then,
Have a good start.

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