Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ministry education survey for last semester degree students

Today was supposed to be an off day for college but with the ministry of education research in motion, we needed to attend and sit for one hour survey and interview.

“By the looks of it, it could be one of the little feedback examinations on how well prepared student are for the work force.

But judging by the question given, it tests only on your attitude and confidence and not our overall talent and knowledge.”

Me and my girlfriend set side by side in the multipurpose hall for an hour and completed the test with utmost honesty.

Hopefully by then, Taylor’s would gain something from it as I strongly believe that I’ve learnt something from its degree program.

Then again, it is more than meets the eye. The survey should also cover on student’s background, like whether or not they work before they study or vice versa. This way, the government will understand why certain people excel and certain don’t. And as crucial as working experience maybe, it does give you a head start in degree programs against who did nothing.

How would the public react on the ratings will nice to see and Hopefully it would not further escalate the stereotypical assumptions on where and what is good in education.

Till then,
Work smart and read more.

Joke of the day:

The Malay: 1 Malaysia? The Chinese: I one I one (I want I want!) All Hail! 1Malaysia.

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  1. is u whom used an hour to completed the test..haha..i leave after half hour the test starts..

    *i still did it honestly, and leave earlier doesn't mean that i m not serious

    anyway, love u babe..muacks.