Friday, March 26, 2010

Simple and Cheap Indonesia food at The Curve

If you fancy Indonesian food or simply craving for something different, head over to Gerobak restaurant at Cineleisure (e@curve). They served up a range of cheap and simple Indonesia food, such as Gado-Gado and Pecel Lele. And with just a small amount of RM 10, you are able to eat almost anything from menu.

Below are some of the pictures I took:

Arguably the best dish in Gerobak, Pecel Lele. Comes with crispy cat fish, tempeh and tofu. Oh! The sambal is so good.

This milky display of Gado-Gado is not as tasty as how it should be but if you prefer something light and less spicy, go for this. It has a good amount of vegetable and egg, for what is worth.

They have are interesting dish like Java Mee as well but try not to keep your expectation too high, as you can see, not everything is mouth-watering.

Till Then,
Recommend me some restaurant within P.J. area. Hawkers are cool too.


  1. yum yum~~the Gado2 is not as good as that meh??yee..y u din tell me de??hng~~

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