Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

Its been a tough few days having to anticipate on-going presentations and internship meetings but after hearing about my girlfriend's recent luck on two "How To Train Your Dragon" tickets, every tension in my body seem to died down. And as cute as dragon might be, the show definitely earns the rights to 9 over 10 ratings for animated films.

It all revolves around a Viking village, where they struggles day and night to fend off raging dragons, refusing the urge to back down. Hiccup, the chief's only son, was the only Viking that doesn't possess the mighty strength of a warrior. He spends most of his time inventing weaponry to aid his father's army only to upset his father's expectations of him, as a Viking.

But eventually, he learns the tricks in dragon taming and showed his father, the chief, a different side of dragons.

I think the moral values are worth your time. Maybe by then, hopefully we can all live together as one.

Till Then.

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  1. hehe honey~~thanks baby for ur compliment~~so happy that can watch with baby~~love u~~