Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another one of the boring updates.

Like how I usually brag about uncertainty about working and career, now I begin to regret taking mass comm. After all, I'm not fit working in an environment where things get crazy and mistake get shouted with foul language.

But that isn't the scariest part. It is the fear that they instill in you that makes your mind play tricks with you. Just imagine coming to work feeling scared and constantly avoids responsibility in fear of getting yourself in trouble. Perhaps, that is what working life is all about. Survive or die.

A former lecturer of mine, who I met in the gym, told me to brace myself for situation like this and explained that such working environment is normal in the media.

I, like you and me, who got caught in the "sweet talk" of education counselor, now understands the true job scope in the media industry.

I can only prepare myself for the worst and build a resistance to bad criticism and try not to make the same situation happen twice.

Only then, you and me will blossom in this hectic industry and take on any challenges ahead. But just make sure the process of adapting doesn't change you an angry person or an insensitive person in life.

till then,
you take care!

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  1. i wish that u will believe the life is beautiful and hopes.