Friday, February 12, 2010

ss2, Tian Pin Ge Ge (Dessert Brother)

I have been passing by the new dessert house in ss2 for quite some time now but never really attempted to try it. So today, I made the initiative to try the newly established dessert place with my girlfriend.

To her amusement, she found the almond soup dessert to her liking and compliments it for being healthy and soothing for the throat. I on the other hand, was simply excited to see so many desserts available in front of me.

And like always, I hesitate on the menu. I simply wanted to try every single one of them. But after several discussions with my counterpart, we decide to go for the red bean tofufa, which looks really yummy, white fungus almond for its refreshing look and the cute and skewy pumpkin pudding.

almond soup with papaya and white fungus

iconic spring water tofufa with read bean

When the dessert arrived, I quickly took a hit of the almond soup and almost immediately my enthusiasm dropped from hyper to moody for its acquired taste, not to mention the taste of ginger in the soup, which I personally dislike. My girlfriend however savors the soup with nothing but a single word of awesome utter from her. I, on the other hand, prefer the red bean tofufa over the almond soup for its simplicity and creativity.

As I gulped the third spoon of red bean tofufa, the pudding came. I can almost feel my blood pumping in a fetish for cute skewy thing. And as happy as I can get, it tasted beautifully according to my expectations.

pumpkin pudding

But nonetheless, it was only three different desserts. There are other decent ones that are yet to be tried, like durian pancake, yam pudding, fruity ABC and papaya milkshake to name a few.

So be it hate or love, this restaurant fetched a whooping 7/10 from the "darrenometer" scale and if that's not enough, see how much she enjoy the pudding. The dude behind as well! hehehe!

getting prettier everyday

Till Then,
Bon Voyage,
And have a safe trip back home, Happy Chinese New Year!

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  1. i like fungus coz can make ppl got others nice pic oso marr..ahha..this ugly..