Saturday, April 10, 2010

Tragic week

It's been another busy and problematic week for me and my girlfriend, but she suffers more.

First, I loose my house key with a RM 100 rare pen knife attached and later my girlfriend looses her cell.

At first, we thought the cleaners would return the phone like how they did the last time but for some reason, they just kept quiet and agitate as we question them.

I mean, if you're at the last session at college, let's say 5pm, and all that's left was your hand phone, cleaner, security guard (who locks the door) and a lecturer, who will you suspect first? The cleaners of course.

It's not like we wrongly accuse them or something because the cleaners were in a serious disadvantage. There wasn't anyone near the perimeter and most students were 4-5 tables away. It was either the lecturer or the cleaners.

So without wasting any time, we rushed back from Tropicana City and arrived at the classroom about 6pm. But it was too late, the doors were lock.

In the end, we consulted the security guards and they agreed to open the door to satisfy our curiosity but no phone was visible.

So we headed home and hope that the cleaners would return the phone the next day.

But that didn't came as planned. The cleaners were all in shields and armors and there's nothing we can do without prove. So offered them rm 300 upon finding and returning the phone.

And thus far, no one has called for the offer.

Perhaps this what life is all about. You get some and you loose some, period.

Till then,
Keep your phone and house keys safe with you.

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  1. so sad for my crystal phone lost, but luckily i got my bao bei with me~~hehe..