Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Porridge made right!

If you crave for Teow Chew porridge but fret over the artery clogging dishes then head over to SS 14, 好满粥·饭. There, you can find healthy brown rice porridge and other exotic dishes to go with without feeling too much of a guilt.

And below are some of the dishes chosen by me and my girlfriend.

Your guilt free way to enjoy porridge and best of all it only cost you RM 12.

Then again, you don't have to follow us in going meat-free, there are a lot of other dishes to choose from like salted fish and pork variation.

Just remember to be there early because parking on lunch/rush hour period could get nasty!

Till then,
Happy lunching!


  1. yum yum~~i like vege~~and brown rice porridge~~healthy~~like my bao bei!hehe..

  2. anyway, u forgot to mention inside the porridge has sweet potato which give the natural sweet taste of porridge=)