Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fooding at Taylor's College, episode 1

Well, I used to have problems eating at the old and dirty campus but after coming here to lakeside, everything changed. And I think... I need more pocket money!

Har! Oh well... Here are some of the sample taken on my lunch break in Norwegian Sandwich cafe!


Healthy green salad with olive oil and tiny pickles.

Very neat looking fish and chips!

And finally, icy cold ice latte.

Apart from that, there is also crispy popiah, dessert bar and 1901 hot dog cafe, all within reach with just a few footsteps from the library.

Hopefully I don't waste too much time sipping on americano and neglect my assignments!

Last but not least, the fish and chips theft!

Till then,
Expect more Taylor food in the next few post!


  1. Yum yum but don't drink too much Americano~~

  2. Y dont have my pic with Fish de??MEH!!