Sunday, April 4, 2010

Our first anniversary.

It's our first anniversary. We fought, we arguing, we quarrel, but nothing could break us apart after we decided to stick together no matter what. Meaning, we never gave up.

We know that humans in general can't get along as we all have our own perspective and idea but it is the act of kindness and understanding that pull relationships together. For us, however, we believe in not giving up. Surely, we will one day quarrel again but it is our determination and commitment for each other that allows us to stick together.

And with each other, we will build bridges and take on the world one by one.

Hopefully the following year would end in the same manner.

On the good part, we decide to cook on this epic day and bought several ingredient from our friendly hypermarket Cold Storage.

With that, I prepared Basil Pasto, a vegetarian dish.

Well, there are several improvements that can be made but at the very least, I managed to cook something for my lovely girlfriend.

Maybe you can share some recipe with me (but make sure it's easy to prepare),
Till Then...

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  1. touched..i like darren's pasta..=)love u my domo-baby..muacks