Thursday, April 1, 2010

Birthday! I just realise that I'm now 22 years old. Officially.

Hi people! Sorry for the late and inconsistent blog post. I've been really busy with routines and assignments, as well as my next act on effective communication. However, I have unfinished business on this blog and I wanna take this opportunity to show gratitude to my one and only girlfriend (and probably something more in the future).

So these are the lovely things you missed out when I stopped blogging.

My birthday! At Coffee Ritual (along digital mall).

My girlfriend, as usual, made several clicks on Google and found an amazing restaurant that serves good coffee. I was in doubt at first but after arguing a bit with her I accepted her reasoning that the coffee prepared is better than Starbucks.

Below are the food that we ordered before I test the auspicious coffee.

Pumpking soup dip with bread.

De-bone drumstick with butter rice and vegetable.

The ala cart.

Lastly we have dessert.

And I must say that the food is quite good but I still feel a bit edgy about coffee made better than Starbucks. So I proceed with the final phase of my curiosity.

And quite likely I lost the best. It was the best coffee I've ever tasted.

But that's only the beginning. She surprises me further with presents she secretly hide when I was on top of her.

I was stunned a little and extremely touched in the end as I gotten a wallet without a zip to break and tee shirt I wanted so badly. Truly the best birthday one can have.

Hopefully our relationship will last as long as it can,
Till Then.


  1. hehe~~i was touched when baby was reading the letter i wrote in chinese as well..hehe..i love u domo-baby..yea..i wish long as long?久久...=)

  2. FYI, it is not accidentally found k..i purposely do some research and get many review from people blogs. HNG~~and u looks cute in Domo-kun t-shirts..=)i love u~~

  3. OMG!!u looks so CUTE in DOMO shirts't stop myself for looking it..