Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everyday is a movie day!

At first, everything was planned and the actions was set in the motion but as soon as the plan came, something went terribly wrong. Not like the plan didn't actually work but it did in the end with some luck and here's how the story goes.

Me and my girlfriend, we both, spotted the movie voucher on MalaysianToday's April's fools issue and kept it for two weeks before the screening of the movie but little did we expect, we were supposed to cut the same advertisement on the April 14 issue as well. So blindly as it was, we just move on without checking the voucher twice.

When the day came, I rushed up like some free ice cream campaign and quickly made assumption that people around me are greedy because maybe, they wanted to claim more than what they needed. But it didn't really bother me. I was more concern on whether or not I get to watch the movie because I was one of the last few people behind, queuing up.

Fortunately, when my turn came, there were more than enough tickets for everyone but as I display my advertisement, she told me I was one advertisement short, and utter "why didn't you read!" So I begin looking around for possible adverts on the floor and it turns to be nothing but a wild goose chase.

And just before I could tell the sad story to my girlfriend, a pair of good Samaritans offered their additional advert to me and told me that they were behind me and saw my grief! ha! I thank them with a grin on my face and rushed back to collect a pair of free seating tickets.

Just then, I remembered an incident in MidValley, where we too, gave away free tickets to wandering movie goers.

So I guess that maybe, it is the good gesture that attracted others to do good and not merely happened by chance. It is one of the moment where you can jump and shout "I'm proud doing good!".

With free movies coming in all the time, everyday is a movie day!

And so the story end.
Till then.

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  1. hehe..my baby is cute larr..hehe..rush to collect movie..=) and also 80% off for sakae sushi..yum yum..YUM YUM especially with bao bei=)