Tuesday, August 31, 2010

53 years of Independence

I had a blast last night with some of the folks from "One Community". It was a little insane at first but in the end, they were a bunch of really friendly and fun individuals.

I felt a little lost at first due to language barriers but after talking to a few people and playing several games, everything made sense. We're not that different after all. Not that I completely abandon Mandarin. I can still speak and write a couple of words.

What I learn from that experience is that everyone plays a role. Everyone plays an important part in contributing, like ideas, games, participation and etc. It is the like mindedness of everyone that made that event a success.

However, the overall event wasn't quite as what I expected, perhaps I'm little bit too demanding but I still had fun. Thus, I'm grateful.

One thing I must comment though. The fireworks displayed on Ampang Look Out Point was as small as a size of a 50 cent coin. It's really disappointing and it really kill the romantic atmosphere. So guys, you'll know where to get next time.

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