Monday, August 2, 2010

A really hot Monday.

It has been five weeks since I left college and work as an intern. I can't help but to feel that life in college/university was much better.

Back then, we can skip classes, wear shorts and slippers to school, delay due dates, do silly things and get away with it.

Not to mention the social life we had back then.

We were practically allowed to waste money, make mistakes and fool around with all the pretty girls at school without a slightest worry of the future.

It was one honeymoon period for all of us.

But I guess, all good must come to an end. Now that we became full fledged adult, we have responsibility, job and a future to think of.

No one is going help us now.

Blogging at Kelana Jaya, Starbucks.

You know what, I really miss playing pool at asia cafe.

Till then.

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